Spark Tally!


Only 2000 for me this week. It was spring break. I’d like to think that I’ll make up for it next week, but it’s hard to say. I already have three things out of the ordinary planned for next week.

So far I’ve hit my publishing schedule for the year, but I’m getting pretty tense about the spring months. I’ll have to kick the ideas out of my brain and on to the screen.

I’ve also made my sales goal of a sales a day for the first quarter of the year. February wasn’t as bad as I whined about, and there was enough overflow from January and March to keep me ahead. Two days and two sales for April.

How did you guys do?

Spark Check


5400 words so far this week. I’m pretty pleased considering the flooded room. I also got the most recent episode formatted and published on Amazon. Tomorrow I’ll put it up on the rest of the sites I use. I wonder if I’m being rewarded by Amazon for steady output or if they’re just getting faster. It used to take at least 8 hours for my stuff to go live on Amazon, but this time was under two hours.

How’s your writing week going so far?


Spark Tally Saturday


I’m much closer to my goal of 15,000 words a week. I made it to 13,000 words this time. I finished an episode for my serial and am already 2600 words into the next one. Maybe I can get Episode 6 finished in one week. I’d definitely toast with some Champagne and berries if that happened.

In a surprise event, Goodreads removed the ratings from the Troll I posted about at the end of 2015. I have no idea why they did it. I recieved no email from them about it, and I hadn’t sent an email to them since our exchange back in December. Sadly, some other people gave me some one and two star ratings. The one stars have no reviews attached to them, so I have no idea what I did wrong. But, my overall rating is a respectable 3.8 now.

In better news Holly has a great blog post about Query Letters. Definitely go by and check it out. I think Indie authors can use the same advice for writing book blurbs. Also, Shari has a good post about setting writing goals for the year over on her blog.

How was your writing this week?