#10kwordsaday Check in 3

SIGH. Only 5300 words for me yesterday. Which is very sad because I worked hard. I guess my brain slowed down and the end of the first half was harder to write than I thought it would be. For one, the character didn’t do what I had planned and went along doing what she wanted to do. But since the point of the story is her figuring out what she wants and how to get it, I thought I’d better relent. And the more I thought about it, her actions at the end are going to provide a lot more tension in the second part, so it’s a win.

It’s amazing how draining writing is. I feel like I’m in college and playing music all the freaking time: very enjoyable in the moment and then dead tired when I walk away. I fixed a big breakfast this morning which I don’t normally do. But my son had important tests today so David and I thought bacon and eggs would be better than cereal. I got the girls to school and went back to bed. Now I’m ready to start the second half. Lets see if I can finally make my goal of 10k words in one day.

How are you guys doing? It was great to see the checkins yesterday”

Inspiration from Julie:

Spark Tally Sunday

Sorry this is late again. I waaaaay overcommited my time this week. Fortunately everything went well.

I stuck to writing even though I had so many other things to do. Sometimes I wondered if that was a wise decision. Whether it was or not, I got a decent word count in of 8000 words.

This coming week, I’ll be doing a lot of editing. It would be great to get all the editing done by today, but my actual goal is to get it done by Wednesday. I already have several commitments popping up between now and Wednesday so I’m sure it’ll be another crazy week.

I hope everything went well for you. How were your word counts?

Authors and Time

I was talking to a friend of mine about writing last night. He’d read a blog where the author stated that the amount of time we spend writing compared to the amount of money we recieved makes our word counts worth $0.00. It’s a hard fact to acknowledge.

I’m struggling to make any sort of money from it at all. In fact, I’m way in debt  when looking at writing lessons, covers, illustrations, ISBN numbers (heads up if you go into self-publishing: ISBN numbers are a huge expense), advertising, blog and website maintanance fees and so on.

I keep waiting for it to all pay off monetarily. I think my persistence is a great asset, but every author is persistent. It doesn’t make me unique or stand out in the writing world.

As far as talent goes, I’m right in the middle. Not good enough to write a Hugo award winning story or even in the style of previous Hugo award winners, but I think I’m a better writer than the Fifty Shades of Grey author. In the middle doesn’t seem to make money either.

My husband says to keep putting books out there and name recognition will kick in. I hope he’s right because otherwise I’m running out of ideas.

My one idea I have left is to go back to submitting short stories, but not as many as I was. Getting that Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest got this blog noticed for a day or two. I’d like to submit a story to Writer’s of the Future, one to Beneath Ceasless Skies and one to Unidentified Funny Objects before the end of March. It’s hard to make short stories a priorities when I’m setting deadlines for publishing novels, but maybe I can get one out of three in.

Spark Tally Friday!

Sorry I’m late again. Bubonicon is going on this weekend and I’m actually attending. It’s the science fiction and fantasy conference in New Mexico. George R.R. Martin has been known to make appearances there in past years, but I don’t know if he will be there this year. I went to three interesting discussions tonight and am looking forward to tomorrow. Best of all, I was asked to sign someones Kindle :)

In other good news, I have a deadline! I pitched a book to my editor for my pen name and she said to get it to her by mid-august. Yikes! So naturally I had to delete a thousand words right away. Sigh. But I love someone other than myself saying they want something I’ve written by a certain time. It’s a big morale boost to me.

Unfortunately, I’ve only written about 1000 words this week. Be expecting big word counts from me coming up. I have a huge problem writing beginnings, but I think I’ve mostly got it set now. Time to go forth.

How did everyone else do?

Spark Tally Friday!

I actually made progress this week! I wrote 5000 words for my new novel. It hit 10,000 words and I went back and revised the first chapter and some subsequent chapters. It seems to be my new pattern to revise every 10,000 words.

I hope all of you have seen Weird Al Yankovich’s video Word Crimes by now. If not, you must click on the link! He was also interviewed by Grammarly, which gives me two degrees of seperation from Weird Al 😉

His latest album is an inspiration. Despite being in the music business for 35 years, this is his first album to reach number one! I’m thrilled for him. You should check out all eight of his new videos!

How was your week?

Spark Tally Friday!

Happy Friday!

It was a good writing week overall. I didn’t make my word count goal because part of the week I felt like Toad from Arnold Lobel’s story Frog and Toad. In one of the stories Frog is sick and asks Toad to tell him a story. Toad spends the day making himself sick trying to figure out a story for Frog. He finally ends up in bed with Frog telling him a story.

But at long last I have broken through the block that was holding me up in one of my stories for my pen name. There is much rejoicing right now as I just finished the novella! I know I’ll be revising it heavily, but at least the plot makes sense…I hope! 4300 words for me this week.

In edition, Julie edited the story I finished last week and helped me cut it down to just below 6000 words. Again, much rejoicing! She is awesome!

So finishing stories two weeks in a row is a really good feeling. I want more :)

I noted on Monday that my Actual Writing Advice blogs were garnering attention. The good folks at Grammarly asked to sponsor one of my blogs. and their associate Nikolas Baron has agreed to do a guest blog here next Wednesday! Please come back to read his advice about polishing your work!

How did your writing week go? I hope to see lots of word counts in the comments :)

AEIOU And Sometimes Why? Take Two Month 5

I’m behind. AEIOU should’ve gone up on Saturday. Looking at tomorrow, I don’t think there will be a food post until the middle of the week. Hopefully, I will be all caught up by March.

Submissions: 4
Rejections: 2
Acceptances: 2!
Personal Rejections: 0
Short Listed: 0
Shortest wait: 8 days
Longest Wait: 96 days and counting
New Stories written: 1

TTI: 15000 words
SB: 10000 words

The month started off strong with making word counts and getting acceptances! And then my writing slowwwwwwed down. Looking ahead to March, I have several commitments outside of writing, but I really want to get back to 10K words a week. It will be hard because I also need to set up a site for my pen name and be on top of the new release. But, as sad as I am not to be making my ten submissions and word count, I am happy with my current acceptance rate! It encourages me to keep going. I hope all of you had successful months!

Thanks to Danielle for introducing me to Bear McCreary! I was unfamiliar with his work. Here’s his Da Vinci Demons song that she recommended:

Spark Tally Friday!

My schedule has been off this week as I gear up the kids for back to school. I’m not even writing this at Starbucks. I didn’t make any forward progress in my story, only made some adjustments, so my word count is negligible.

But watch out next week!

Thanks to Daniel for another great post. I was really pleased to see all the comments.

How was your writing week? I’m having vicarious waiting anxiety for Holly’s agent quest. I keep hoping this will be the week she landed one :)

Spark tally Friday!

Lots of summer fun going on this week: hanging out at my sister’s, hanging out at my dad’s, lunch with old friends and park dates with new friends. To my amazement, I still managed to get around 2000 words written, and I finally worked my way through a part that’s really been giving me trouble. We’ll see though.

Also, because my sister Heather Johnson is an awesome mover and shaker, I got to promote my book today on a local radio show! If you live in the Albuquerque area, you can hear me tomorrow on ABQWest Chamber Radio Show The Rock of Talk: KIVA 95.9 FM & 1600 AM. The Show Aires Saturday June 29th at 2:00-3:00pm. I’m on the last segment so I had to sit there being nervous for 50 minutes :) Sometimes they put these up as podcasts, so I’ll post the link if they do.

How was your writing this week? I hope you got a lot done! Thanks to the editors at the Colored Lens! There are many more answers coming next week!

Oh! And Come back Sunday to see the winner of this month’s Photo Flare contest! Three great stories made it to the final round. I can’t wait to see who the chosen winner is :)

Spark Tally Friday!

I didn’t make my goal of 10K, but I made it to 6000—all to the novel. I heard back from several markets this week, and the two acceptances made me way happy! I haven’t resubmitted any of the other stories, but plan to this weekend. How did you guys do this week? Please post your word counts and encourage your friends to join us!