AEIOU and Sometimes Why? Take 2 Month 6

Before I get to the statistics, I won Shari’s Paint Splashes Contest! I’ll post the link to it when she publishes it.

AEIOU statistics:

Submissions: 10!
Rejections: 8
Acceptances: 2
Personal Rejections: 4
Short Listed: 0
Shortest Wait: a few hours
Longest wait: 130 days and counting
Publications: 1
New stories completed: 3

TTI: 20,500 words (first draft complete)

Did you see that? I got in ten submissions! That’s what happens when I close the month way late I guess :)

This has been a bi-polar month. It started with a St. Germaine celebration when my story at The Colored Lens was accepted. That high inspired me forward, and I concentrated on another market I realllllly wanted to get into. I poured blood and sweat into a story and had Julie go over every bit of it for me only to be told it was essentially unoriginal. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve been devastated by a rejection, but I was by this one. I sent the story back out right away, but the pain lasted awhile. Fortunately, I left for Vegas soon after and was able to toast with Julie in person our other successes. Then The Virgin and the Dragon came out in The Colored Lens for publication while I was gone! And the cover art for my smutty novella was sent to me! And I won Shari’s Paint Splashes contest!

The Paint Splashes win brings my fast writing tally to 3 stories out of four getting accepted—not only were they accepted, but they were accepted for the market intended. My fourth story I knew I made a mistake after I sent it out. Though it followed the guidelines of being about music, the character really wasn’t one that market would be interested in. I’ve sent it out again, so we’ll see. I hope everyone else had the highs I had without the devastating low :)


I read all the submissions today for both Photo Flare and Photo Flash. I sent two in each category up to Julie for her final decision. If you didn’t hear from me and you sent a submission, please LMK.

I really enjoyed all the stories this month. My condolences to those of you who got a rejection. I hate that part :( I’m surprised I got so many more for the flash contest since the other contest had a much bigger prize. But it has been pointed out to me that the second picture was a tough one. Next month, I’ll post four pictures total for Photo Flare and writers can choose two to write a story around. The flash contest will remain the same with one picture.

Here’s my last soundtrack selection. It’s from Karl who introduced me to the world of anime. I picked one song from Xenogears Creid. I really like the Celtic influence in it. Enjoy:


AEIOU and Sometimes Why? Take 2!

A Writer’s Journey to Publication

It’s back! I missed the discipline and fast rewards of short story writing, so I am determined to put it back into my schedule. I am mainly working on longer works right now, but I’ve scheduled in time for one new short story a week. Right now, they are the flashest of flash fiction, but it’s a good place to start.

For those of you who read my blog regularly (thank you!) you may be wondering what happened to my promoting blogs. Sales were too depressing to keep talking about it, so I decided to stop those for awhile. I am still working on the promoting end of things by setting aside a couple of hours a week to contact people and request reviews. I will keep you updated when those appear. And if and when sales of A Sunset Finish start to rise, I will give you an update on that too.

For those of you new to my blog (welcome!) the goal of AEIOU is to send out ten submissions a month with the hope of receiving 10 responses a month. The first time I did this, my secret goal was one publication out of 100 when I started. I did much better than expected by getting 6 by the end of the year. I’m at ten now, so I’m going to up the ante a smidgen. I’m going for a ten percent acceptance ratio in a year.

Stats for Month 1:

10 submissions
4 rejections
0 personal rejections
0 acceptances
1 bump up to the next level
Fastest turn around: under 24 hours
Longest wait: 27 days and counting
2 new flash stories written
Manuscript 1 is at 18,000 words (all written this month)
Manuscript 2 is at 20,000 words (this was written in the spring, but I’ve started going through it as I’m writing Manuscript 1 because they are in the same world just different times and they effect each other.)