Spark Tally!

I have a word count this week! 2500! I’m excited to be back writing. Of course, as soon as I got started on a new story, I got edits back for another story. But I think I’ll write around five or six chapters of the new story before I dig into the edits. At least this book doesn’t require a major rewrite.

Julie thinks I need to post word count comparisons with various caffeinated drinks, which I thought was an awesome idea.

Starbucks grande Salted Caramel Mocha: 1300. Normally, I would’ve gotten many more words out of a grande, but I met a couple of friends at SB before I began writing and we talked a loooong time.

Satellite Coffee Tall Cafe con Leche: 1200. I’ve been mad at Satellite for a while now, but they do have superior coffee and their con leche is amazing. Technically I think they should be calling it Cafe Dulce de Leche because it’s esspresso with sweet milk and cafe con leche seems like a spanish way of saying latte. I’d call the con leche the winner except I did have quite a long talk with the other. We’ll see how this week goes. I’d like to get a lot done before the Thanksgiving holiday in two weeks.

For the first time in awhile, I feel like my writing has taken a step of improvement. I reread the first chapter for the current story and really felt like the voice was strong and the flow of words good. I haven’t liked my rhythm for awhile now, and I didn’t notice any clunky rhythm. ┬áIt’s good to be out of stagnation, if only a little.

I have the first picture samples for my upcoming Rapunzel story! It’s going to be illustrated just like a fairy tale should be. I will post a very small taste on Monday to whet your appetite.

How did your writing week go?

Oh! I meant to post this last week but forgot. I got a tip from a reader that Bastion Science Fiction Magazine is short on submissions. I believe they are semi-pro paying, so go check it out!

Spark Tally Friday!

Hooray! The week is OVER! February is OVER!

Suffice it to say tonsil removal plus stomach flu plus stir crazy mom is not a good combination. So I will say it again:

Hooray! The week is over!

The winners of Photo Flare and Photo Flash have been picked, and Julie is hard at work on the edits. I will post the stories next week on separate days when everyone is happy with the final product. Monday, the new pictures for Photo Flare will go up. I’ll post four pics and you get to choose two for your story.

My word count reached 1200 this week. I feel like I need to turn in weeks of 20K next month to make-up for what happened this month. I at least plan on pushing myself.

Because I’m so relieved that my children are on the mend and looking forward to a happier, healthier March, I’ll give away $5 gift cards to Starbucks to the first five people who post their word counts for the week. I need some inspiration :)