Get your stories in today!

This is a terrible week. I will spare you the details and just say, Get Your Stories in Today!

I will also post a soundtrack suggestion. I’ve been a fan of Philip Glass’s minimalist work, and I was delighted when Jen Donhue posted that she enjoyed his new soundtrack for the 1931¬†Dracula¬†movie. I had never heard it before. It’s a good one!


Top Five Most Inspiring Soundtracks

Monday’s blog is going up a little early (it’s still Sunday for me). One of my children is getting her tonsils taken out, so I will be otherwise occupied for most of the week.

You may have noticed that I’ve been posting more random videos recently. Part of the reason is my new lap top can actually play You Tube without making my computer run so hot that it shuts down. That’s just one of the many luxuries it has :)

Another reason is I’m truly inspired by music, and I think that’s been lacking in the blog experience here.

I love a movie with an awesome soundtrack. Music can elevate a good scene to a great scene. Sometimes the music without the action falls short. But I’d like to recommend a few soundtracks that I think are truly outstanding. I’ll post a snippet from each. If you like the snippet, I hope you’ll go and find the rest.

5. Secretariat by Walt Disney

The movie is among one of my favorites: it has a strong woman fighting against a man’s world and a horse that could easily be in a heroic fantasy story. The music makes the horse races that much more thunderous and the pop songs of the times make the intimate moments joyous.

4. Anne of Green Gables the mini series

I have a character in my Silver World series who I always think of as Anne of Green Gables with magic. The farm land they show in the series has been an inspiration for the Holden Land in my Silver World series. When fall hits, I usually need my fix of the soundtrack if I don’t have time to rewatch the series. When I listen to it, I can see leaves changing colors and falling on the Lake of Shining Waters.

3. Ghost in the Shell

Whenever I write science fiction stories, I have to listen to something from The Ghost in the Shell soundtracks. There are two movies and three seasons for TV. All of the soundtracks are amazing. This clip is the opening credits for the first movie. I’ll say it’s NSFW because of female nudity as the cyborg is being created.

2. Sherlock Holmes

If I ever hit it big as an author and someone wants to do a movie of one of my books, I want Hans Zimmer to do the soundtrack. He is flexible and nuanced. I can’t think of any of his soundtracks that I don’t love. But Sherlock Holmes stands out as one of the best.

1. And finally, no soundtrack makes me want to write more than The Fellowship of the Ring. 

What’s your favorite soundtrack? Leave a comment and I’ll try and post a clip of it this week.