Writing Business

I really enjoyed Shari’s blog this week about writing goals. As I look at my own, I realize how much I’m struggling to write this year. I haven’t worked on a new story since just before Christmas. While I’m delighted to have Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom premiering Jan. 31 and a novel under my pen name premiering in February, I fear March is going to hit and I won’t have made any progress on the stories we’ve planned for release at the end of the year. All of my work time has been devoted to editing and promoting. I felt jealous of Dave and Shari this week at Spark Tally with their word counts and progress on new stories and wondered if Holly was as anxious as myself to get back to writing.

But, despite jonesing to immerse myself in plot and hooks and character building, I’m thrilled with what my little publishing business Hot Java LLC has done this month.

My publicist is rocking the Pinterest world. I think my favorite pins are this paper art of Rapunzel she found for the Rapunzel board:

 And this eye make-up she found for the Sleeping Beauty’s Spa board:

My pen name twitter followers are up 10% this month and my @MelindaJMoore followers are up 150%! Woo Hoo! I also had a small bump up of Facebook followers this month. Thanks to all the new comers! And thanks to Julie for the headshot she took that’s now on my twitter account!

I’m doing a blog tour for Rapunzel. Right now I have three blogs booked. If you run a blog about writing, fairy tales, reading or parenting and would like me to come over and do a guest blog for you, please contact me at melinda@enchantedspark.com. All the blogs will be unique but focused around an aspect my Rapunzel story. For example at Life of Larisa my blog will focus on how judgmental I was as a new parent and how that aspect is magnified in Rapunzel. I’m sure we could come up with an idea for your blog! Please keep in mind that it’s a fairy tale for adults and uses mature language.

That’s it for me today. Please check back in for the buy links for my book. I’ll post them as soon as I have them. Happy writing!



Spark Tally Friday!

Congratulations to Shari Klase! Her story Princess in Peril is in the anthology Twice Upon a Time! It looks like it’s made it to #6 in Folklore on Amazon! Shari is giving away a copy on her blog so go to sklase.wordpress.com and comment on your favorite fairy tale!

This week has been up and down for me as far as writing. I’ve been doing editing. Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom is ready for formatting. That’s always a great feeling.

My publicist has found some great articles and pics for my Pinterest Board about Rapunzel. Please check it out!

Unfortunately, I’m late for my next round of edits for my upcoming novel under my pen name. I have to get those done this weekend, but weekend writing time doesn’t always work out.

How did everyone else do?


Some of my regular posters in Spark Tally have had a great month and I wanted to let everyone know wbout it.

Shari Klase has been working hard submitting stories to short story markets for a few years now and landed one of her dream gigs, Daily Science Fiction! Her excellent story is A Little Piece of Heaven. Please read it! With hard work, she also made another goal come true which was to have a story featured on the cover of a print magazine. Her story “His Brother’s Keeper” is on the cover of Guide Magazine. In addition (I’m not done bragging about Shari yet) she was a guest blogger at Blogs by Christian Women. Great month Shari!

Everyone has been enjoying the wonderful posts by Holly Jennings and I’m thrilled to share with you that she has signed a two book deal with Ace in the science fiction and new adult genre. Way to go Holly!

Over the summer, I lost track of Peter M. Ball due to me being sick and then obsessing with a new story idea. But he popped in over the weekend to comment on Spark Tally, and when I went over to his blog I saw he had a new book out in July! Exile looks like a great read for Halloween, so it just got put on the top of my reading list.

Way to go everyone! Keep up the inspiring news!