Coffee…a writer’s Prozac

Hello! How did May go for everyone? May was rough for me. Great stuff happened on the home front: there were plays, recitals, graduations… a lot of reasons to be proud of my kids.

But as far as writing went…OMG.

I finished my romance serial, which meant tons of publishing. I had to publish the last episode, the compilation of episodes 5-9 because I did a compilation of episodes 1-4 and then the compilation of all the episodes together. And, because I’m a little crazy, I decided I wanted a companion book to go with the series that was a nail design book. The story takes place around a beauty salon. I had blogged several nail designs throughout the serial, and thought it would be fun. The marketing strategy was to give it away for free to draw more interest to the series.

Surprisingly, everything came together well. Julie got the editing done quickly (I honestly can’t praise her enough), and though it was very time consuming, the nail art came together too.

But I always crash at the end of a big project. I crashed hard after finishing episode 9 before I had completed the nail design book. Foolishly, I decided to stop drinking coffee for a while too because I had had so much to get all the publications out. That’s when I realized that coffee keeps writers optimistic.

Without coffee in me, my opinion about my own writing plummets. But when I take that first sip before I start typing, I am the best writer ever. So I thought it’d be fun to put together this little poster for you:


The depression might not have been so bad if I had had any sales. But sales were way down. Particularly Amazon has been abysmal this month. I’m actually even at All Romance between April and May on number of sales, and I made more money because I sold the higher cost books this month more than the cheap ones. Barnes and Noble and iTunes are the other places with sales, but not nearly as many as in April. Fortunately I made enough sales this month to keep me at a sale a day average for the year because April was so good.

I wish I knew what caused the swing. So far the nail book isn’t helping me at all, but Amazon won’t put it at free and it won’t be out at iTunes and Barnes and Noble until sometime this week. Fingers crossed people love it there and buy my other books.

But the serial is done! I should really celebrate because it was a big project coming in at over 125,000 words. However, I must get on to the next book. It’s already Tuesday, but I’d like to do a word count marathon. No gift card this week since it’s a short one. Think of it as a warm up for next week.

My goal is 2000 words a day this week. It feels out of reach because I have several activities planned this first week of summer, but I have a publication schedule that needs attention!

So, ready! Set! Write!

Spark Check


I think I’ve turned invisible.

January was a good month of sales. I made 1.5 sales a day which topped my goal of one sale a day. Amazon and Itunes were way up while All Romance was way down. I even sold 4 copies of Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom which was a big surprise to me. In my experience, if a book isn’t part of a series, it goes no where.

But now it’s February. I’ve had one sale. The audience for my pen name blog has disappeared. Even on this blog, I had a resurgence of interest in January. My post about Little Women and Pride and Prejudice got a lot of attention. But again, everybody vanished this week.

Can you see this post? đŸ˜‰

Anyway, I’m still writing. 5200 words so far for me this week. I’d actually like to make my goal of 15,000 for the first time this year. We’ll see Saturday what’s happened.

How’s your writing week going?

Spark Tally Saturday!


My word count hasn’t changed much since the beginning of the week. I think it’s close to 6000. It’s a pity because it started off so strong. I’m still cleaning up the mess I made, so I’m not sure how next week will be. I feel like if I could just sit down for a few hours and focus, I could get another 5000 out pretty fast. The next part of the serial is almost fully formed in my mind.

I did dally on another story today, which was a fun break. It’s about fairies and I’m trying to go with outrageous. I need to embrace extremes as a writer more. I don’t think middle of the road gets much attention.

I do have some good news. My sales at Amazon and Itunes are up for the month. I like seeing how steady it is on Amazon. I’m hoping to break my streak of five days of sales in a row there. The Itunes sales are out of the blue. I don’t know if they ran an ad or what, but the first episode of my serial which is free had a huge spike in downloads, and now sales for the rest of the series are trickling in. I even had a few for the Holiday series I’m writing.

How did you guys do this week?

Spark Tally Saturday!


I wrote 7000 words this week. That’s less than half of my goal :( But I did get caught up on some house work. There’s still more to do on the house, but maybe this week I can manage my time better.

I’m making my daily sales goal of one sales a day this month. I’m hoping to have at least one sale a day throughout the year. On a month with a big release, I’ll hope for more. Slow and steady is the way for me this year.

How was your writing this week? Be sure to respond to the Free Form Friday question. I’ll post the comments on Sunday Night.

Spark Tally Saturday!


Good Morning! I have a word count! I wrote 13,000 words this week! It’s a completed novelette, (I’ll call it VH) which I stayed up way too late finishing, editing and publishing. Yes, I’m crazy. I’ve had many late nights this week, doing what I can to expand my readership.

Last week I told you about the novel (I’ll call it TH) I’d just released having the best first day ever for me. It’s now had the best sales ever for me across titles in just the first week. TH made the best seller list at All Romance. It topped out at 30 and is barely hanging on at 48 this morning, but I can’t believe it was on there at all.

I knew even if the book had a great opening day, sales would slide. I had long planned putting out VH for free during the second week to attract more readers and hopefully upsell them the novel at the end. Well….I got greedy and released it on All Romance for $0.99. No sales the first day, so I decided to return to my original plan and put it up for free. I also discounted the first title in the series (MH). Within a few hours I’d made sales on both TH and MH.

I released VH Thursday night on Smashwords. There have been no upsales to TH or MH on Smashwords, but VH was downloaded a 100 times on the first day and it got a review. It got a five star review even. I was in shock. None of my books have ever been reviewed on Smashwords.

Smashwords distributes to several other venues. VH is not on any of them yet, but sales for TH started trickling in yesterday from the other venues.

I put VH up on Amazon yesterday too. You can’t open at free on Amazon, and I made one sale today for it :)

Last week I said my goal for the month was two sales a day. Last night I was averaging 5 sales a day! No matter what happens the rest of the month, I can be pleased that I already made my sales goal of 60.

But I have to keep pushing. I still have my serial story I’m doing, but I have no other specific plans yet for December and beyond. I need to fix that.

How did you guys do this week? I hope you got lots of writing done!