Photo Flare Pics for June!

I think this is the first time I’ve posted the pics for the next contest before posting the stories for the old contest. Sorry about that. Both Julie and I were really busy at the end of April/beginning of May. But I think the end of June is fairly clear for me, at least. The stories should go up tomorrow and Wednesday. Please return to read them!

NEW RULE! If you win our contest, please wait 6 months before entering again. We love to read stories from former winners, but we also want to encourage new people to enter. You can read all the rules at Photo Flare Rules and Pics.

Stories due June 26!





Photo Flare Pictures!

Here are the pictures for the short story due on April 26th. You must pick two pictures and write a story incorporating them in a meaningful manner. It has come down to picture use a couple of times when we have two great stories. We always go with the one with the stronger picture use, so it’s important.

In your cover letter, please give me the number of the pictures you’re using. Stories should be 1000-3000 words. Full rules are at the Photo Flare Rules and Pics page. (My website is experiencing problems so the rules and pics for February are still up. The rules are the same with the date being April 26. I’ll change it when it’s working again.)

Inspiration A1

Inspiration A2

Inspiration A3

Inspiration A4

Photo Flash!

As promised, I’m running a strictly flash story contest now along with Photo Flare. You can enter both contests. Both stories are due on February 26th. In the subject line, please put if it is short or flash. Check out the official rules at Photo Flare Rules and Pics. The prize money for the new flash fiction contest is $10 while the longer short story is $50.

We look forward to reading all the sparks of imagination!

Here is the Photo Flash Picture:


And here are the three pictures I posted last month for the Photo Flare story: