Spark Tally Friday!

I’ve lacked focus this week, probably this month. Sick kids at home, so not quite the writing time I was looking for. I’ve been editing my next novel under my pen name. It didn’t need major revisions like the first novel I published did, which is funny because I actually wrote this one first and the first one second. But I have ended up writing a few chapters from scratch, or at least big chunks of them. So about 3000 new words written.

Promotion stuff for Rapunzel has been going well. Countdown is at 8 days! More stuff has been posted at Pinterest┬áincluding how to build a fairy garden. Follow me there if you’re a Pinterest person!

I’ve also practiced piano three days in a row. I texted a friend of mine from college who’s a professional piano player telling him I wasn’t as dreadful as I thought I’d be. He was very polite but probably laughing at me on the other end :) I texted Julie that it was in preparation for my piano playing, black jack playing fairy story. She said, “Finally.” I’ve written several complete drafts of the first story in that series, but it always feels like I’m ending it in the middle. Since it’s only novella length, I’ve decided it must be a novel and I am, indeed, ending it in the middle. So when I’m done with my pen name book, it’s time to take out the Fairy Luck series again and see what I can do with it. Excited!

How did you guys do this week?