Spark Tally: Yay Holly!


Thursday I forgot to go to the school library where I volunteer. I realized it and got there with only 10 minutes of the class left. I felt bad and of course apologized to the librarian who was cool with it, while the other volunteer implied that I was irresponsible.

So I was feeling crummy when I got an awesome text from Karl with the cover reveal for Holly’s new book!!! And I bragged about her to the librarian so hopefully she will buy the book too when it comes out. I’m so excited for you Holly! And big thanks to Karl for seeing it and texting me at just the right time :)

This was a super busy week with the beginning dedicated to a birthday party and the rest dedicated to trying to catch up on my word count. I have 14,500 this week. 6000 of that was done yesterday with the rest mostly divided between Wednesday and Thursday. I have my fingers crossed that I am finishing an overdue novel this week. Hopefully I can finish it and get to my library days on time 😀

How did you do?

A Room of your Own

Virginia Woolf once wrote, “…a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction…”. I have loads of arguments why her statement still holds true for women today, but I’m not going to focus on that. What I want to focus on is “the room of her own” part. I’m going to make it more general:

A writer needs a room of her own.

In this case, her can just as easily be his.

As I mentioned on Friday, I’m currently reading Write. Publish. Repeat. When I read how many books they completed and published in one year, I wanted to cry. I told my husband about their amazing year. I bemoaned how meager my year had been by comparison. And then he said, “But you’re not doing this as a forty hour work week job like they are.”

His statement made me consider. I should be able to make it a forty hour a week job, or at least thirty. My children are all in school giving me six hours a day to write. But that’s never what happens. I sit down in my living room. Wait, I should’ve loaded up some laundry. Oh, I’m teaching music in an hour. Do I have a lesson plan? Do I have all my materials? Done teaching. Time to write. Shit. I have soppy clothes in the washing machine that need to be hung on the line. New load put in. Lunch eaten. Let’s write. Why am I so sleep? I’ll doze for just a minute. The kids will be home in an hour. And wa-la, I have 1000 words done. What happened?

So then I have to go out and write that night for three hours at a coffee house and I get 3000 words done. I should’ve just written all day at the coffee house.

Yes, I realize I lack self-discipline, over-commit etc. But the point is every writer needs a place they can go to ignore the rest of the world and churn out the words. My place is a coffee house. I like the atmosphere, the smell of coffee and the taste of espresso. If jazz music is playing, I’m golden. Everything about a coffee house gets me in the writing zone. Some people go to the library. Honestly the shelves of books distract me. Look at all those fairy tales I can read and research! Maybe you have a study in your house that you can seclude yourself away from your family in.

There’s a lot of talk about how you have to be consistent and write everyday, but almost equally important is where you write. You need a setting that will say to you, “I’m writing now and doing nothing else.”

Where is your favorite spot to write? Please share!