Checking in Wednesday

I wrote over 1500 words today. Hooray! Yesterday I only had the 500 from the morning. But I’m pleased with my progress. I’m working on a slipstream romance. I really don’t know of any others, though a Google search turned up one possibility on somebodies blog. I do enjoy the flexibility of indie publishing. I’m sure a publishing company would never accept a slipstream romance. Of course it’s probably because nobody will read one.

I have a completely new story and world churning in my head. I haven’t decided if it’s a pen name story or a me story yet. There’s definitely a romance, but there’s a lot more than that going on. I see a lot of similar themes in it that are in some other stories I’ve written but never published. I’d like to start writing it to flush it out a bit more, but I can’t take the time at the moment.

Here’s some art from a game called Gems of war that I waste a little time with. I find it inspiring: