Checking in Friday

I’m in story love. I never quite made it to story love for my serial, but there’s something about the slipstream romance that has me consumed.

After yesterday’s big word count, I only got 675 written today. And that was just now. I’ve spent the day working on my house, and my kids haven’t been feeling great. So I took it easy with them tonight.

Still, I thought about the story most of the day. I even sent an email to Julie about it. A character that was meaningless in the first go around of the story now has his own POV. It’s always interesting to me when that happens. I’m not sure what gripped my imagination about him that I needed to change the story so drastically. But I’m revelling in it. These are the good times of writing. It’ll be hard if I discover it sucks.

How is your writing going?

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Checking in Thursday Morning

5300 words today or yesterday, depending on how you’re looking at things. On Tuesday I wrote 1500. The even better news is I finished the first installment of my slipstream romance. It orginally appeared as a 5000 words story on my blog. This first installment is 10,000 words. I always knew I wanted to make it deeper, I just didn’t think I’d be turning it into a novella. The plan is to have three installments of 10k words each. I’m sure Julie is laughing as she reads this thinking it will probably turn into four. We’ll see. I’d like to get half of the second one done tomorrow.

How did you guys do? I hope the words are flying from your fingers!

Here’s a fun pic from my trip. That’s my son dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts. The costume was a hit at the Fair.


Checking In

I have a confession to make. I wrote zero words yesterday, and I have been sitting here this mornig feverishly trying to get a word count going before I posted today. I’m like a kid in high school with late homework. I wrote 500 just now. I have to stop for awhile, but I think I’ll have some writing time this afternoon and this evening.

Yesterday I wrote a resume and a lesson plan. It has been forever since I wrote a resume. I’m thinking about getting a part time job as a chior director since writing is not currently making the bucks. It’s going to be a tricky balance.

How about you guys? DId you get some writing in yesterday??

2000 Words a Day…Go!

I got some writing done last week! It wasn’t 2000 words a day, but it was about 5500 for the short week. I worked on two different stories, which also made me feel good. I’m going to keep my goal down at 2000 words a day for this week. We have a lot going on, and I’m trying to get a balance of realism and optimism going.

I’ll check in each day this week to post what I managed and maybe a picture or two. Please join me! If you’re feeling rusty, maybe 500 words a day is good. Or if you have a looming deadline maybe 5000 words a day is good. Do what you think will work for you, but write every day!

Good Luck!


May the coffee be with you :)


Word Count

I wrote 2200 words today. It felt good! Yesterday I got distracted because my kids were watching Harry Potter 6 when I sat down to write. I should’ve moved to a different room, but I didn’t.

But now that I have a start, I’m confident that I can keep going. How are you guys doing heading into the weekend?


Word Count Marathon Day 4!

4000 words for me today and I can’t believe this episode isn’t done. I refuse to break it into two again. This has to be the last one. I need to rewrite one section and then add the last segment for the happily ever after. It’s going to come in at 16,000 words making it the longest episode yet.


I just hope it’s good. I know it’s better than what I wrote the first time through; I just don’t know if it’s the awesome ending needed to bring the story home. When it’s done, it looks like the whole serial will be about 120,000 words, making it the longest story I’ve written.

How did you guys do today? I hope it was a good one!


Spark Tally!


9000 words for me this week. I’m disappointed because I felt I was really focused. The words were really slow to formulate I guess. I realize 9000 is still a lot, but I’m also spending a ton of time doing it. I feel like recently most of my time is spent staring off into space trying to get the plot to come out right. I think I’m going to switch around my schedule some and do writing right away and take care of other indie author stuff at night.

I won’t be posting Monday because it’s a holiday. My kids are actually off of school through Tuesday. I’ll be back on Wednesday with Spark Check.

How did you guys do this week?

Spark Tally!


I fell short again this week, but I’m still pleased with what I wrote. 8400 words, and I’m close to the end of another episode. After this one, only two more to go and I will have completed my first funnel. Hooray!

Funnels are talked about in Write. Publish. Repeat. Essentially, they’re a series of books. You offer the first one for free and collect several readers. You funnel them through to the end of the series and the ones that have stayed are hopefully your “true readers”.

Only a small percentage of readers who pick up the free one, go on to the end. Sometimes it depresses me, but every time I make a sale for a book later in the series, I’m really happy.

With this next series, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going to release a short story for free with a link at the back to preorder the first in a new trilogy. I’ve never done preorders before, so I’m anxious to see if it helps sales.

I’ve really been enjoying the Free Form Fridays, but I thought I’d try and do my own post on Monday. Fingers crossed I actually get it posted :)

How did you do this week?

Spark Check


I think I’ve turned invisible.

January was a good month of sales. I made 1.5 sales a day which topped my goal of one sale a day. Amazon and Itunes were way up while All Romance was way down. I even sold 4 copies of Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom which was a big surprise to me. In my experience, if a book isn’t part of a series, it goes no where.

But now it’s February. I’ve had one sale. The audience for my pen name blog has disappeared. Even on this blog, I had a resurgence of interest in January. My post about Little Women and Pride and Prejudice got a lot of attention. But again, everybody vanished this week.

Can you see this post? 😉

Anyway, I’m still writing. 5200 words so far for me this week. I’d actually like to make my goal of 15,000 for the first time this year. We’ll see Saturday what’s happened.

How’s your writing week going?