Spark Check!


Only 2000 words so far this week, and I have to delete all of them. I’m 13,000 away from my goal, and it’s not looking good. Maybe I’ll have a burst of words this afternoon.

The amazing news is Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom made a best of 2015 list!!! It came at the perfect time. I feel like I can’t put two words together, but at least last year I could!! Thank you, thank you Susan Voss! You’ve made my week!

Here’s her post at Dab of Darkness!

How’s you’re writing coming this week?


Happy Monday!

Thanks to those of you who helped make my release weekend great! I have four reviews on and one review on In addition, Dab of Darkness posted a review!!

I’ve been writing up guest blogs all weekend, so I’m afraid I’m about blogged out. I am planning on reviewing a series of short stories that were turned into a TV series on Thursday, so please come back for that.

But for today, my first guest blog is over at Life Of Larisa or LOL. I talk about what a judgemental new mom I was, how I got over it and that it inspired the character in Rapunzel: Stay at home Mom. Please check it out!