Spark Check!


Ten Thousand words for me so far. Yesterday I did 7500! That’s one of my best days ever. I had an hour last night where I typed 1700 words. I wish I had a few more days like that this week.

Monday, I didn’t write at all for my novel. I spent the day redoing the call to action page for a book that’s going to be free today through Friday. Things like that take so much time. Hopefully it will be worth it in the long run. It’d be nice if it fared as well as Rapunzel did on its free days, but I’m doubtful.

Speaking of Rapunzel, if you’ve read it and have not left a review, please leave one! I had so many free downloads of it, but I didn’t get a new review until yesterday–a couple of months after the free days. It’s at 8 reviews and my understanding is double digit reviews bump up the sales. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 99. The sales are more than single digit reviews. The next bump comes at 100, but that is a looooong way off.

So please review Rapunzel if you’ve read it, and thank you to those who have!!!!