Spark Tally Saturday!

This has been one crazy month. Tuesday I had zero sales. Wednesday I told Julie that I thought the sales excitement for the month was over and asked how could we bring it back. We tossed a few ideas back and forth for December, but I doubted it would bring the excitement of November.

When we got done talking, I checked my stats and noticed VH had an unusual uptick in free downloads on All Romance. I checked my email and saw that VH and the rest of the series had been mentioned in the All Romance newsletter. The excitement was back on!

VH got hundreds of downloads and I got over thirty actual sales for the other two books. Sales on Amazon also had a small surge. I busted through averaging 4 sales a day. From here on out if I get two sales a day for the rest of the month, I’ll average 5 sales a day for November!


I’m not sure what my goal for December should be. November has been so unexpected. I’m sure sales will drop, but I don’t want them to drop all the way to zero. Maybe averaging two sales a day in December is a good goal and hope for 3 sales a day. I can’t seem to get any traction at Smashwords. I don’t know what the secret is there. All Romance is my number one place. I love their ease of uploading and the multiple ways readers can see an author’s work. Amazon is my second place for sales, but I haven’t figured out how to get seen there. It’s still luck as far as I can tell.

I wrote 5000 words this week and need to do 5000 more quickly. I have a couple of blogs I want to post, but they might not be going up until December. Sorry for the neglect of this blog :( I’m juggling the best I can, but I know I’m letting some balls drop.

How did you guys do?


Happy Monday!

Thanks to those of you who helped make my release weekend great! I have four reviews on and one review on In addition, Dab of Darkness posted a review!!

I’ve been writing up guest blogs all weekend, so I’m afraid I’m about blogged out. I am planning on reviewing a series of short stories that were turned into a TV series on Thursday, so please come back for that.

But for today, my first guest blog is over at Life Of Larisa or LOL. I talk about what a judgemental new mom I was, how I got over it and that it inspired the character in Rapunzel: Stay at home Mom. Please check it out!

Spark Tally and Early Release!

It seems strange to be posting Spark Tally in the morning, but I had to let you know that Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom was released early!!!

You can buy it at Amazon, or if you own an ereader like the Nook or something that needs epub, you can purchase it at OmniLit. OmniLit also has a pdf version available to read right on your computer. I’ll be uploading it a few other places over the weekend.

To refresh your memory in case you missed me going on and on about this fairy tale all month 😉 the blurb:

Shut away from the world as a child, Rapunzel is now obsessed with the safety of her own children. When she locks her kids in a castle tower, her husband decides it’s time Rapunzel had a day off at Sleeping Beauty’s Spa. But the path to the spa is perilous, culminating in a confrontation with her fairy witch mother. Should Rapunzel have stayed safe in the tower after all?

And the Cover:

And my Pinterest board that my publicist has filled with stuff I never even imagined existed:

Okay, I’m done :) I haven’t even had coffee or Bailey’s or both together yet today! I’m just really excited!

Word count for me is about 750. I know partly the small number is due to spending time promoting and editing, but I had time available that I didn’t use wisely, I think. I really need to get a better work ethic going in February.

How did you guys do? Are we ready to move into a new month and make it great?