Spark Check!


I’m on a roll this week. Over 7000 words for me so far. I need to keep pushing. The best part is these words have already been edited by Julie. I’ve made the necessary changes except for one thing that effects multiple scenes.

I have an exciting picture to post tomorrow! I’d do it tonight, except I’m beat. It’s after midnight and this is the earliest I will have gone to bed this week. Cheers!

Spark Check


I finished the episode! And Julie got the edits done fast. It’s amazing what a good editor can do. One of my sections, which I didn’t think was bad but it wasn’t great, came back to me with the rhythm so much better. It had dialogue, and suddenly it was snappier. It was really cool seeing that section shined up.

I wrote about 3000 words so far this week. I have one more episode and then the serial is done. So far we’ve managed to stay on time with it. It’s the books coming out in May that I’m worried about. I’m taking a break from the serial this weekend to work on one of them.

How are you doing so far? I’ll have a question for you Friday. I hope there’s people still left here to answer it!

Spark Check!


I’m back! I was on vacation! I had a great time visiting Julie in Virginia. I even met Deb who frequently comments here. Thanks for coming over Deb! It was great meeting you and now I can put a face to your comments :)

I think I’ve mentioned I’ve been having a difficult time writing the current episode for my serial. Third time’s a charm. I’ve been writing since Tuesday, and I think it’s finally going well. 3700 words for me so far this week and they feel good.

How are you guys doing?

Spark Tally!


9000 words for me this week. I’m disappointed because I felt I was really focused. The words were really slow to formulate I guess. I realize 9000 is still a lot, but I’m also spending a ton of time doing it. I feel like recently most of my time is spent staring off into space trying to get the plot to come out right. I think I’m going to switch around my schedule some and do writing right away and take care of other indie author stuff at night.

I won’t be posting Monday because it’s a holiday. My kids are actually off of school through Tuesday. I’ll be back on Wednesday with Spark Check.

How did you guys do this week?

Spark Check


I think I’ve turned invisible.

January was a good month of sales. I made 1.5 sales a day which topped my goal of one sale a day. Amazon and Itunes were way up while All Romance was way down. I even sold 4 copies of Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom which was a big surprise to me. In my experience, if a book isn’t part of a series, it goes no where.

But now it’s February. I’ve had one sale. The audience for my pen name blog has disappeared. Even on this blog, I had a resurgence of interest in January. My post about Little Women and Pride and Prejudice got a lot of attention. But again, everybody vanished this week.

Can you see this post? 😉

Anyway, I’m still writing. 5200 words so far for me this week. I’d actually like to make my goal of 15,000 for the first time this year. We’ll see Saturday what’s happened.

How’s your writing week going?

Spark Check


5400 words so far this week. I’m pretty pleased considering the flooded room. I also got the most recent episode formatted and published on Amazon. Tomorrow I’ll put it up on the rest of the sites I use. I wonder if I’m being rewarded by Amazon for steady output or if they’re just getting faster. It used to take at least 8 hours for my stuff to go live on Amazon, but this time was under two hours.

How’s your writing week going so far?


Spark Check!


This week is looking better. I’ve written 7000 words which is a little less than half of my goal. I’m writing more tonight and hopefully finishing an episode in my serial.

I’m also hitting my goal of a sale a day for this month. Most of it has been on Amazon. It seems like now that I have more out in the serial, I’m getting a lot more interest.

How is your weeke going?

Spark Check!


Only 2000 words so far this week, and I have to delete all of them. I’m 13,000 away from my goal, and it’s not looking good. Maybe I’ll have a burst of words this afternoon.

The amazing news is Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom made a best of 2015 list!!! It came at the perfect time. I feel like I can’t put two words together, but at least last year I could!! Thank you, thank you Susan Voss! You’ve made my week!

Here’s her post at Dab of Darkness!

How’s you’re writing coming this week?

Spark Check


Only 1100 words so far, but I knew the start of the week would be low. Sunday is a big writing day for me, and that was spent on a birthday. And Monday was spent recovering. But yesterday was super productive with editing. Hopefully today will be another productive day.

But I should probably not have as much caffiene today as I did yesterday. I think I went a little overboard celebrating National Coffee Day, which I didn’t even know was coming. I should’ve remembered from last year, but I didn’t.

I hope you’re week had a good start, and I’ll see you Friday!