Spark Tally!

So how did your week wrap up?

More photo editing for me. Yesterday I redid the first chapter without text. Today I worked on the second chapter. Still no voice for the book, which is distressing. Maybe after I get the layout down the words will come.

I saw exciting news today that I wanted to pass on. Some of you may recall that I have a short story in the anthology A Kepler’s Dozen. The editors are doing a new collection!

If you want to read more about it, check out David Lee Summers Blog. I’m going to try to put romance aside enough to get one submission in, but it’ll be tough. I hope you guys submit too!

Here’s a clip to whet your interest:

Three years later, the number of planets has literally exploded and we find ourselves looking at a proverbial wild west. So, we want to continue exploring what Kepler’s worlds might be like by telling stories of the rugged men and women who either might explore those worlds, or might come exploring Earth from those worlds. The anthology is tentatively titled Kepler’s Cowboys and you can click here for the detailed guidelines. Submissions will open on June 15, 2016 and we’ll remain open until we’ve filled the anthology.

Tomorrow I’ll draw a name from the commentors this week to give away a $5 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. Post your progress today for a chance to win. Whatever it is you’re working on. Like me you may not have a word count, but I’d love to hear about your project.



Spark Tally Saturday!


My total for the week is 12500. More importantly I got Episdoe 9 finished. Instead of starting the next book, I spent the little amount of time I had, reading it and sending it to Julie.

I’ll be posting my word count daily again next week. Summer is chugging my way which means three kids in the house all day. And I’m still trying to get something published once a month, even throughout the summer. I hope you join me for another marathon!

I’ll draw a name out of a hat for a $15 gift card from the names of everyone who joined me this week. I won’t announce the winner until tomorrow night, so you still have time to post your word count for the week here and get in on the fun!

Spark Check!


I’m on a roll this week. Over 7000 words for me so far. I need to keep pushing. The best part is these words have already been edited by Julie. I’ve made the necessary changes except for one thing that effects multiple scenes.

I have an exciting picture to post tomorrow! I’d do it tonight, except I’m beat. It’s after midnight and this is the earliest I will have gone to bed this week. Cheers!

Spark Tally!


Only 2000 for me this week. It was spring break. I’d like to think that I’ll make up for it next week, but it’s hard to say. I already have three things out of the ordinary planned for next week.

So far I’ve hit my publishing schedule for the year, but I’m getting pretty tense about the spring months. I’ll have to kick the ideas out of my brain and on to the screen.

I’ve also made my sales goal of a sales a day for the first quarter of the year. February wasn’t as bad as I whined about, and there was enough overflow from January and March to keep me ahead. Two days and two sales for April.

How did you guys do?

Spark Check


I finished the episode! And Julie got the edits done fast. It’s amazing what a good editor can do. One of my sections, which I didn’t think was bad but it wasn’t great, came back to me with the rhythm so much better. It had dialogue, and suddenly it was snappier. It was really cool seeing that section shined up.

I wrote about 3000 words so far this week. I have one more episode and then the serial is done. So far we’ve managed to stay on time with it. It’s the books coming out in May that I’m worried about. I’m taking a break from the serial this weekend to work on one of them.

How are you doing so far? I’ll have a question for you Friday. I hope there’s people still left here to answer it!

Spark Check!


I’m back! I was on vacation! I had a great time visiting Julie in Virginia. I even met Deb who frequently comments here. Thanks for coming over Deb! It was great meeting you and now I can put a face to your comments :)

I think I’ve mentioned I’ve been having a difficult time writing the current episode for my serial. Third time’s a charm. I’ve been writing since Tuesday, and I think it’s finally going well. 3700 words for me so far this week and they feel good.

How are you guys doing?

Spark Tally Saturday!


Greetings! Strange week for me. I was sick for part of it. I don’t know if it was feeling down in general or what, but right after I sent Julie the latest episode to edit, I hated it. I hadn’t been too happy with it, but thought it was interesting. And then I decided that I was wrong. And then I decided she needed to delete all the files. So I started the episode over, though I did keep the first few sections.

That puts me at about -10000 and then +4000. I’d like to finish the episode again tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me!

How did you guys do? On Monday, I will have a guest blogger. I think I’ll keep it a secret to build suspense :)

I hope you had a good week and stayed healthy!

Spark Tally!


8000 words for me again this week. I’m closing in on the end of another episode and then only one more episode. Hooray!

I’ve been feeling pretty down about my sales this month and lack of audience at my other blog. Strangely, last night I sold 7 books and the past few days have had a boost on the blog. I have no idea what happened. If all the sales were on Amazon, I might think it was due to one of their advertisements they send in emails to previous readers. But the sales happened on three different sites.

I’ll take the good fortune, I just want to know how to repeat it. It puts me at 15 sales for the month which is half of my goal. At least if I don’t make my goal, I have a surplus from last month so I will still be averaging a sales a day for the year. We’ll see what happens.

How was your writing this week? I hope you made a lot of progress!

Spark Tally!


9000 words for me this week. I’m disappointed because I felt I was really focused. The words were really slow to formulate I guess. I realize 9000 is still a lot, but I’m also spending a ton of time doing it. I feel like recently most of my time is spent staring off into space trying to get the plot to come out right. I think I’m going to switch around my schedule some and do writing right away and take care of other indie author stuff at night.

I won’t be posting Monday because it’s a holiday. My kids are actually off of school through Tuesday. I’ll be back on Wednesday with Spark Check.

How did you guys do this week?