Photo Flash!

As promised, I’m running a strictly flash story contest now along with Photo Flare. You can enter both contests. Both stories are due on February 26th. In the subject line, please put if it is short or flash. Check out the official rules at Photo Flare Rules and Pics. The prize money for the new flash fiction contest is $10 while the longer short story is $50.

We look forward to reading all the sparks of imagination!

Here is the Photo Flash Picture:


And here are the three pictures I posted last month for the Photo Flare story:


Photo Flare Pictures for January-February 2014

After running the contest for a year, we’ve decided to make a couple of changes. More money draws more stories, so the prize is officially $50. Also, you will have two months to write your stories. The Photo Flare stories must be between 1000-3000 words. I found stories under 1000 that tried to use three photos were usually lacking or rushed.

We’re also adding Photo Flash. Every other month I will post one picture, and you will have one month to use it in a story 1000 words or less.

Please read all the official changes to the rules Here.

Without further ado, here are the first pictures of the year. You have until February 26 to submit your stories using all three pictures and using 1000-3000 words.

Congratulations to the End of the Year Winner Holly Jennings!

Congratulations to our runner up this month, Brynn Macnab!

But the big bucks go to Holly Jennings for her beautiful short story The Virtues of Cherry Blossoms. Read it!

As an interesting aside, every entry used the moon photo… I guess you guys like night skies :)

Thanks for all the great submissions and come back Monday for brand new photos. You’ll have two months to write and the prize will be $50.

We Did it!

100 likes on Facebook! So the prize money is officially at $75 for December. Thanks to all of you! The stories have started coming in so don’t miss out. I’m really looking forward to reading all of them and seeing what people come up with.

Looking forward to next year, I’m going to start a new series on Saturday or Sunday. I’ll be researching different folktales from a different country each month and posting reviews and recipes. January is Russian folktales, but I’m open after that. If you have a country you would like me to explore through stories and food, post it here and I will see if I can get to it.

That’s all for today. Keep writing even if the season gets a little crazy.

Pictures for the End of Year Photo Flare Contest.

End of the Year Photo Flare!

Yes, you read that right. This is the last Photo Flare Contest for 2013. You’ll have two months, until December 26, to get your story together. In addition to the extra time, you get extra pictures! I’m posting all the pictures we used for the 2013 contests. Pick three pictures and write your stories based on those. In your query letter, please tell us the letter/number of the pictures you chose. You must use 3 pictures in a concrete way. The rest of the rules remain the same.

The prize for this contest is $50. As a bonus, if Enchanted Spark reaches 100 likes on Facebook by December 25, I will up the prize to $75 for this last contest of the year.

We’re looking forward to the stories. Have fun!























































































Photo Flare Winner!

It was another good month of submissions. It really came down to the picture use this time. We had strong stories but one stood out as using the pictures in the most integral way. Thank you to everyone who entered. I enjoyed reading all of the stories.

Congratulations to Ellen Denton who won with Cock in the Cloister! Please hop on over and read her story!


Photo Flare Pictures for September: $50 Prize!

To celebrate garnering over 50 likes on Facebook in August, I’d like to celebrate by upping the Photo Flare prize for one month only to $50.

A big thank you to Love Lust and Lipstick Stains for helping to bring in the Likes this past month. I finally found a Facebook Follow widget, so if you have not yet and would like to receive updates from Enchanted Spark on Facebook, please click the button to the left of the blog post to Like us!

I will also be having a giveaway sometime this week as a welcome to all the new followers, so please keep your eyes open for that.

The official rules for Photo Flare are here and the pics are below: