What’s Up?

Sorry it’s been so long. Last week I was teaching music for vacation Bible school and knew I wouldn’t have a high word count. I finished the first episode of my slipstream though. Julie was quick with the editing, so I was able to format it and get it published. All for three whole sales.

This month has been really bad for sales. At first I was ignoring it, but now that the new release is out, it’s hard to. I thought I was building up a readership, but maybe I did something wrong. I really have no idea what happened, making it hard to know how to fix it.

I’m redoing a cover tonight. Next week it should be back to serious writing. I’ll try to run a word count marathon with a prize. Those are fun for me, and I hope for you too.

Happy Fourth!



Hello. I was on vacation again. It’s a tricky thing for me because I don’t want to announce to the world that I’m leaving, but then I’m a no show on my own blog without explanation. I always think that either I’m going to schedule ahead or post on some tourist bus. Niether ever seems to happen.

Before I left, I wrote about 3000 words.

While I was on the plane home, I read Frost by Peter M. Ball which is an excellent follow up to Exile. You can read my review at the Frost link.

I also finished Write. Publish. Repeat. It’s a must read for indie publishers and a good idea if you’re publishing traditionally.

I got back to work last night and wrote about a thousand words. I have a lot of projects to do, so I need to up my production. But it’s summer. I don’t know how much I can up it realistically.

I hope everyone had a great week!

Early Morning Dark Chocolate

I’m always a little concerned when I crave dark chocolate in the morning like other people crave coffee. Chocolate is something to be enjoyed after the lunch hour and on, like a cocktail. But, of course, I gave into the craving–it is chocolate.

I think the chocolate craving is masking the deeper problem of being stuck in a story. My latest fast writing project (the sequel to the novella coming out this spring) is not being so fast. It’s being complicated and annoying. Fortunately, I had a breakthrough driving the kids to school (we should’ve walked but everyone was dragging this morning). I discovered the theme song for one of the characters. I’d never seen the video for it and was pleasantly surprised by the video. So my musical offering for the day is Imagined Dragons: