Your Favorite Part of Writing


I posed the question to readers: What is your favorite part of writing? Thank you to Shari and Dave for responding! My answer is last. Please enjoy!


I guess the part of writing I like most is when I get an idea for a story and it just flows smoothly. Often times lately I don’t have that happen. I get stuck. I stumble. Halfway through It just seems lagging or the plot suddenly isn’t making sense anymore. I love when I write a story and when I get to the end, I think, “Wow, that’s a great story.” Wish it would happen more often, and wish others would see it the way I see it, as well.

Dave Barz 

I do a lot of driving that gives me time for that daydreaming or as I like to justify it, internal composition.

As much as I plot, outline and plan as I write, my favorite moments are still the little surprises that come to me as I am physically writing. Now, I could not rely on those to flesh out my entire story like a discovery writer. But as I wrote the first draft and now the edits, little details still come to me and I am amazed how great I feel the ideas are (of course readers’ opinions on these thoughts may vary). Often, I am literally bouncing softly in my seat as I incorporate these ideas. So yeah short of the thrilling rush of a new project or the euphoria of finishing it is the little surprises that keep me happy week after week.


This seems to be a tough question for me to answer. As I said last week, I used to love the daydreaming part, or as Dave puts it, internal composition. But writing all the time has taken the daydreaming portion away. Currently, I think I enjoy the puzzle solving part of writing the most. Though I was frustrated with Episode Seven because my first two drafts were terrible, I really liked pushing and trying to figure out what would work. What would be the best solution to the characters’ problems and the best way to go about getting there. It was very satisfying when Julie finally said it worked.

Something I both love and loathe about writing is verbalizing world building. Julie and I spent an evening on vacation talking about the world for the urban fantasy I’m writing. It’s difficult for me to blurt out world building because it honestly sounds stupid. But amidst several jokes we we worked out problems and the foundation is much stronger.

Free Form Question


The way I write has definitely changed over the years. My favorite part used to be day dreaming about a huge chunk of the story before I sat down and let it flow. That hasn’t happened in awhile because I’m always writing. Gone are the days where I’m exhausted on the couch from taking care of a baby and all I can do is daydream.

I’m curious what part of writing you enjoy. Please comment below and I will post on Monday. Invite a writing friend to comment too!

Free Form Question + Odds and Ends


Hey Guys!

Sorry for my absence. My schedule has been very strange because my kids have been home from school so much. We’ve had holidays, inservices, illnesses and parent teacher conferences. My son keeps telling me he only has two full weeks of school left. The rest of his weeks all have a day off. Noooooooo!

They are older now, but I still don’t like to ignore them completely :)

All of my writing time has been dedicated to getting another episode done and another episode published. I don’t recall if I told you my complete publishing schedule for the year, but I essentially have something coming out every month. In April I have two stories coming out, which was not in the original plan but added on by me after our yearly meeting. So far I’m staying up with the schedule, but it’s pretty intense. I’m already thinking the story due out in July is not going to happen. But if I stay on it for six months, I’ll be pretty proud.

Something I’ve noticed that is getting worse while I’m writing fast is my descriptions. I never want to stop the action to fill in the description of the surroundings. I know we’ve talked about this on the blog before, but it’s an area all writers have to deal with and be good at so I think it’s worth covering again. So today’s free form question is about description. I’ll post everyone’s answer in the main blog on Sunday or Monday. Feel free to get a long discussion going…I need help! 😀

How do you fit in description? How much description do you enjoy reading? I used to read Marilyn Stewert books and she had quite a bit of description in her romance suspense, but when I started reading her Merlin books, the description became too much. I don’t like pages and pages of scenery. What do you like and what do you do?

Free Form Friday


I’ve talked about openings frequently here, but what about endings? The last novel I finished I felt like I was chasing after something great to wrap it up with. But it never materialized. I finished it properly, but it wasn’t with a bang.

How do you like to finish your stories? Do you wrap them up nice and tidy? Do you leave loose ends? Do you finish short stories differently than novels?

Tell me how you work out the final paragraphs of your stories. I’ll post comments along with my own thoughts on Sunday or Monday. Jump in even if you haven’t commented before. We’re all friendly here!

Free Form Friday!


Dave Barz helped me with this idea, so if it doesn’t work, I’ll blame him 😉

On Fridays, I’m going to post a topic for discussion. Please post in the comments!!! On Sunday, I’ll post the comments in a blog post so the casual reader of Enchanted Spark will see it. I’ll also add my own thoughts on Sunday. Please feel free to respond to each other when you’re commenting like its an on going discussion.

Here’s the first topic:

Write what you know. Good advise? Bad advice? Outdated? What if you’re writing about dragons?