Checking in Friday

I’m in story love. I never quite made it to story love for my serial, but there’s something about the slipstream romance that has me consumed.

After yesterday’s big word count, I only got 675 written today. And that was just now. I’ve spent the day working on my house, and my kids haven’t been feeling great. So I took it easy with them tonight.

Still, I thought about the story most of the day. I even sent an email to Julie about it. A character that was meaningless in the first go around of the story now has his own POV. It’s always interesting to me when that happens. I’m not sure what gripped my imagination about him that I needed to change the story so drastically. But I’m revelling in it. These are the good times of writing. It’ll be hard if I discover it sucks.

How is your writing going?

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Checking in Thursday Morning

5300 words today or yesterday, depending on how you’re looking at things. On Tuesday I wrote 1500. The even better news is I finished the first installment of my slipstream romance. It orginally appeared as a 5000 words story on my blog. This first installment is 10,000 words. I always knew I wanted to make it deeper, I just didn’t think I’d be turning it into a novella. The plan is to have three installments of 10k words each. I’m sure Julie is laughing as she reads this thinking it will probably turn into four. We’ll see. I’d like to get half of the second one done tomorrow.

How did you guys do? I hope the words are flying from your fingers!

Here’s a fun pic from my trip. That’s my son dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts. The costume was a hit at the Fair.



I took Saturday off. I was going to write at night, but I was pretty beat. It was a good call because to my surprise I churned out 3500 words last night. It’s inspiring me to attempt to write 5kwordsaday again this week. I hope you set a daily word count goal and join me! It’s always more fun that way.

I’m also thinking of doing a story on my phone. It would mean I could just start typing wherever I was, but I think it might get super annoying after the first day. Still the story itself seems like one that should be done in a rush without thinking too hard about plot and story arcs. Minimal editing done on it. I need to finish some other stories first, so I think if I do it on my phone I won’t be cheating on those other stories. I’m sure I sound bonkers at this point.

Good luck writing!


I’m off to rather a dubious start with my summer writing. Only 1100 words for me yesterday. I spent the day rewriting what I had written on Monday. At night I had gaming and ended up crashing after they left instead of writing anymore.

What I need is a class called “Beginning Stories: Remedial Level.” I’m sure I’d be the only one in it because who wants to admit they’re remedial? But I am for sure. I must’ve restarted this story over 200 times in the several years I’ve been writing it. But now I think I’ve narrowed it down to what I need in the beginning of the story and what is way too much. I’ve had the tendency to cram too many people and too many world building ideas into the start.

I have it down to Gwen, her mother and the land. At the end of the first chapter a messenger comes with a letter from a character very important to the series but won’t be seen in the first book except through Gwen’s memories. I think it’s a pretty good start now.

And I’m not changing it again :)

At least I’m going to go all the way to the end of the book this time. Fingers crossed that everything at last works out.

The Writing Push

While I was on vacation I realized how much I enjoyed pushing myself to write more and more words. It became more like a part time job rather than a full time hobby. I focussed for longer periods of time and created plot twists just to move the story forward. I ended up really liking those plot twists.

I have two novels and a long short story I want to finish this summer. I think I can do it. The kids are home, and I’ll be spending a lot of time with them, but I think I can make 5000 words a day happen six days a week.

So I’ll be posting a lot of word counts. Last night I wrote 2300 words.

Feel free to join me either daily or at the end of the week when I post the official Spark Tally. It’s always better to be working with people rather than a complete vacuum. I look forward to seeing how far we can push ourselves!