How did it get to be July 18? I swear the Fourth of July hits and summer disappears. I haven’t gotten the writing done that I’d hoped for. And my low sales are keeping my spirits down as far as publishing. I actually decided not to publish this month and probably not next month so that I could work on the stories for the fall. Maybe that will take away the feeling that I’m spinning my wheels.

I’d like to give this blog a lot more attention coming into fall. It’s be nice to do some recipes again and Actual Writing Advice. I’d also like some sort of fiction writing on the site, but I don’t know what. If you have an idea for anything on the blog, please leave it in the comments section.

This week I do plan to get some words down. I got 500 earlier today and plan to do some more now. There’s a really nice rainshower going on, which always inspires my mood. Hopefully I’ll be able to post a steady word count this week. Anyone who is still out there listening and writing, I’d love to have you join me.

Writing Question for the day: What do you think of first person POV? Hard to write in? Easy to write in? Too close to the character? Not distant enough to provide some info?

I’m thinking about trying a story in first person POV which I haven’t done in a long time. For me a big challenge is staying in one characters voice constantly without slipping into a more narrative structure. Any tips and thoughts would be great.

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4 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Gads, I don’t know how it got to be July, let alone July 18, 19. 20 is nipping at our heels. I’ll probably read this again and it will be Aug.

    Recipes would be great!

    I’ll think on POV. I’ve been struggling some with that.

  2. I think first person point of view is often more personal and more dynamic, but also hard because it is so limited in scope and knowledge. Sometimes I think it is difficult, too, for readers to follow and know what is going on. But if you can find a character that readers will identify with or empathize with, it can be very exciting as long as you don’t stay too much in the mind of your character.