Checking in Friday

I’m in story love. I never quite made it to story love for my serial, but there’s something about the slipstream romance that has me consumed.

After yesterday’s big word count, I only got 675 written today. And that was just now. I’ve spent the day working on my house, and my kids haven’t been feeling great. So I took it easy with them tonight.

Still, I thought about the story most of the day. I even sent an email to Julie about it. A character that was meaningless in the first go around of the story now has his own POV. It’s always interesting to me when that happens. I’m not sure what gripped my imagination about him that I needed to change the story so drastically. But I’m revelling in it. These are the good times of writing. It’ll be hard if I discover it sucks.

How is your writing going?

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One thought on “Checking in Friday

  1. I haven’t completely been keeping track of my word counts. I finished the latest round of Arena 2 edits about 10 days ago. I took a few days off after, and then started planning out what I’ll be doing next.

    I’m so happy that your slipstream romance is going well! It’s always exciting when a story grips you with its attention.