Word Count

I wrote 2200 words today. It felt good! Yesterday I got distracted because my kids were watching Harry Potter 6 when I sat down to write. I should’ve moved to a different room, but I didn’t.

But now that I have a start, I’m confident that I can keep going. How are you guys doing heading into the weekend?


2 thoughts on “Word Count

  1. Well, I wrote some. So that’s good.

    Mainly I’m just trying to get back in the swing of getting words down regularly. I feel like writing is like exercise. I’ve been meaning to do it regularly. I’ve done some — like walking up stairs instead of taking elevators. But that’s not enough. Now that I finally got back on the treadmill, I’m a little sore and out of practice. But I got on it!

    (Ooh, Harry Potter 6! Maybe I can watch that tonight.)