Word Count Marathon Day 4

So I did pretty much everything but write. I’m working on visual continuity with the covers for my serial and made the cover for the compilation of Episodes 1-4. On a previous day, I edited all of the episdoes for continuity issues that happen writing something off the cuff. Today I uploaded the compilation of 1-4 with the updated text and cover to three of my vendors.

Tonight was a great family night with concerts and banquets. But after, I took my test for my introduction to digital marketing and passed with distinction. That means I got an 85%. Hooray! After taking that course, I need to take a deep breath and start applying things slowly. It’s a little overwhelming to see how much behind the blog stuff there is to do.

In the back of my mind I’ve been thinking about the voice for my Nail Art book. I need to scratch it and start over again. I’m hoping by tomorrow morning to have a better idea.

How did you guys do? I hope the words flew onto the page!

Here’s a pic for inspiration:

coffee on the beach

4 thoughts on “Word Count Marathon Day 4

  1. It’s nice to see you progressing, Melinda, in things that contribute to your writing success. Kudos on your good marks. I wrote some more on my heaven novel yesterday, not a lot but at least I wrote. I’m trying to stay focused on different projects every day to keep up my interest. It helps to diversify. I don’t know if I’ll get any writing done today. I have a lunch date with a high school friend and work later, so we’ll see.

    • Thanks! It was weird taking a test…it’s been ages!

      I know what you’re saying about diversifying. It seems to be really working for you! I hope you squeeze in some writing time.

  2. Congrats on your test, Melinda!

    I completely forgot to check in the last few days. I wrote maybe 1000 new words, but the rest has been mostly editing (replacing what I’ve taken out). Right now I’m working on three chapters which have been more difficult than I expected, but I’m almost done them now. Yay!