Word Count Marathon Day 3

I think I need a drink :)

I had a graphic design class today that had enough information in it for two or three classes. I worked on the first chapter of my Nail book and cleaned up the voice of the manicurist as well as the pictures. Both still need a lot of work.

I’m hoping to get a couple of chapters done tomorrow, at least for the text. I’m getting faster at changing the pictures, but it’s still slow. The graphic design teacher said his hand was in the permanent shape of a computer mouse–now I know why.

So I’m gonna make myself something tastey, maybe with Hypnotic. I hope you had a busy day! See you tomorrow!


One thought on “Word Count Marathon Day 3

  1. Hey, I know that glass. :)

    And feel free to give a yell if you have any graphic design questions. It’s my day job. I may not be an expert in all of it, but I do know some stuff.