Word Count Marathon Day 2

Maybe I should be calling this the chapter marathon instead. I got a mock up of the first section of my nail art book done and it looks horrible! Plus, it’s a huge file and it’s only one section.

The text I wrote for it was minimal, maybe 300 words, but it’s definitely a good exercise. I’m trying to give the manicurist a definitive voice. I don’t know if I’m succeeding, but I think I get closer every time I change a sentence to something different.

I’m learning a ton about photo editing as I mentioned in an earlier post. I have a class tomorrow. What I really need to know is what colors work best for different projects and what colors work well together.

Holly generously asked if she could donate the gift card back so we could giveaway another prize this week. What I decided to do was split it into three gift cards of $5. So Holly won a $5 gift card to Starbucks. Yay! I’ll pick a winner this week from all the names of people who post. Everyday you post in the comments section, you get another paper in the drawing. Invite your friends in your crit groups. I’d love to see more people here!


Flash back to a sandwich I made a few years ago. I should make that this week!

4 thoughts on “Word Count Marathon Day 2

  1. I did much better on day 2 than day one. I wrote a few more pages of my eternal winter novel and started writing a story for Guardian Angel kids as well. So I fulfilled my goal of doubling up. I won’t be checking in for day three because I don’t do any writing that day because of my two jobs.

  2. About 1000 words for me today on a new scene. It’s rare for me to have new scenes when I’m this far into editing, but there were some implications from some changes that needed this scene to resolve them.