Word Count Marathon

Only 1500 for me today. I got episode 9 done and called it good for the day. Of course there’s still editing on it to be done, but I felt happy I got the hard part completed. Tomorrow I have limited time, but I want to try to start the second book I had hoped to do this week also. I guess I was just slow because I was definitely putting the time in. I’m tired like I wrote a lot more words.

How did you guys do?


4 thoughts on “Word Count Marathon

  1. Yay, I finished the edit of my story, well, at least the rough draft of the edit, ha ha. Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time on things that may never get published. At least I’m working. No one can know the end results of things. With so much working this week, I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Dinner out with my parents and a movie. At least til I get to Sunday where I have to teach two services with preschoolers.

  2. Unfortunately, I ended up with an upset stomach on Friday after work and didn’t get much done. Luckily, it seems to just be something I ate because it has already passed off and I’m making lots of progress today. Will report in tomorrow!