Spark Tally Saturday!


My total for the week is 12500. More importantly I got Episdoe 9 finished. Instead of starting the next book, I spent the little amount of time I had, reading it and sending it to Julie.

I’ll be posting my word count daily again next week. Summer is chugging my way which means three kids in the house all day. And I’m still trying to get something published once a month, even throughout the summer. I hope you join me for another marathon!

I’ll draw a name out of a hat for a $15 gift card from the names of everyone who joined me this week. I won’t announce the winner until tomorrow night, so you still have time to post your word count for the week here and get in on the fun!

3 thoughts on “Spark Tally Saturday!

  1. Great totals Melinda!

    I sort of lost track of my exact word count because I worked in a few different documents yesterday, but I’m estimating somewhere between 1000-2000 words ahead, with lots of revisions and another 15 notes corrected for my editor.

    I think my overall word count for the week was only about 2000-3000 ahead, but I’m mostly in revisions right now, so I’m not expecting my word count to be too high. Most of the new material I write will be replacing old stuff. :)

    • When you get notes from your editor, do you look at them with one eye closed the first time? I do :) And when I open it up and see a wall of comments I either close my eyes or close the window, take a deep breath and reopen.

      Good luck this week!

      • Haha! I usually do look with both eyes but I can only do a few pages at a time for the first few days. Then I seem to get into “editing mode” and can start flying through them. :)