Spark Tally!


9000 words for me this week. I’m disappointed because I felt I was really focused. The words were really slow to formulate I guess. I realize 9000 is still a lot, but I’m also spending a ton of time doing it. I feel like recently most of my time is spent staring off into space trying to get the plot to come out right. I think I’m going to switch around my schedule some and do writing right away and take care of other indie author stuff at night.

I won’t be posting Monday because it’s a holiday. My kids are actually off of school through Tuesday. I’ll be back on Wednesday with Spark Check.

How did you guys do this week?

9 thoughts on “Spark Tally!

  1. I think I did well. I wrote a short story and put time into my blog. I wrote close to 3000 words. I need to reevaluate my progress though, and try to figure out just what I want and how I can best achieve my goals.

  2. Great word counts this week everyone!

    There was more hacking and slashing for me this week. Cut about 4k out of Arena 2 and added about the same back into it. Plus I wrote a few thousand words toward a new writing advice blog post that seems to never stop growing and has taken at least 10 days longer than I thought to craft. Almost there, though. …I think.

  3. I heard a writer, who did not work from an outline, that she still found it necessary to spend the first five minutes of any writing session to jot notes on where she planned to go in the next hour or two. KM Weiland’s blog I believe I was reading. As a heavy outliner myself this made sense to me, but I know not everyone likes to work that way.

    I had a bit of a tough week. I wrote half a chapter thinking I only had notes for it. When I discovered my original chapter, I was embarrassed. But then I had the job of integrating the two as I liked part of what I newly wrote, but the original was still better. So a lot of editing together with the new 2000 words.

  4. That’s not a bad count at all! Sounds like folks had a productive week. Not me. I’m still trying, but there’s just stuff going on to make my computer time limited. (Some good stuff, some bad stuff.) It feels like I’m trying to jump on a moving Merry-go-round at high speed. I’m trying again this week, though!

    FWIW, I definitely think I get more writing done if I do it early in the day.