Spark Tally!


I fell short again this week, but I’m still pleased with what I wrote. 8400 words, and I’m close to the end of another episode. After this one, only two more to go and I will have completed my first funnel. Hooray!

Funnels are talked about in Write. Publish. Repeat. Essentially, they’re a series of books. You offer the first one for free and collect several readers. You funnel them through to the end of the series and the ones that have stayed are hopefully your “true readers”.

Only a small percentage of readers who pick up the free one, go on to the end. Sometimes it depresses me, but every time I make a sale for a book later in the series, I’m really happy.

With this next series, I’m doing things a little differently. I’m going to release a short story for free with a link at the back to preorder the first in a new trilogy. I’ve never done preorders before, so I’m anxious to see if it helps sales.

I’ve really been enjoying the Free Form Fridays, but I thought I’d try and do my own post on Monday. Fingers crossed I actually get it posted :)

How did you do this week?

6 thoughts on “Spark Tally!

  1. I only did my blog this week. I had an accident and sprained my knee and even though I was off my feet and maybe should have written more, with people being constantly with me to help me out made it difficult to write. Looking forward to your blog on Monday.

  2. Great word count Melinda and I’m looking forward to Monday’s post.

    I cut several thousand words out of Arena 2 and added a few thousand back in. Not sure exactly how many, but I know I’m in the red for the week. I’m feeling okay about that since all that was cut really needed to go. Feels freeing.

    Also wrote a few hundred words towards an article.

  3. Great word count Melinda and hope the knee recovers quickly Shari.

    This week I fixed my timeline issue in one chapter that of course had repercussions in the next two as a result. Got that all cleaned up. It gave me a chance for another tightening of some story elements but I am now two weeks behind where I wanted to send the chapters to my betas. But I also got another beta reader on board so a good week over all. Chapters go out this week for sure and I am back to working on the midsection.

    • Changes in a book can definitely be a domino effect. I once had a teacher tell my my last 100 pages were unputtdownable but the beginning sucked. Hard to keep that last 100 when I have to redo the whole beginning :)

      Glad you’re ready to send out your chapters!