Spark Tally Saturday


I’m much closer to my goal of 15,000 words a week. I made it to 13,000 words this time. I finished an episode for my serial and am already 2600 words into the next one. Maybe I can get Episode 6 finished in one week. I’d definitely toast with some Champagne and berries if that happened.

In a surprise event, Goodreads removed the ratings from the Troll I posted about at the end of 2015. I have no idea why they did it. I recieved no email from them about it, and I hadn’t sent an email to them since our exchange back in December. Sadly, some other people gave me some one and two star ratings. The one stars have no reviews attached to them, so I have no idea what I did wrong. But, my overall rating is a respectable 3.8 now.

In better news Holly has a great blog post about Query Letters. Definitely go by and check it out. I think Indie authors can use the same advice for writing book blurbs. Also, Shari has a good post about setting writing goals for the year over on her blog.

How was your writing this week?

8 thoughts on “Spark Tally Saturday

  1. Well, I finally finished my story in the middle of a snow storm, in fact, the biggest on record in our area for one storm. 28 inches. Tomorrow I have to go into the school where I work and shovel. Ugh! Anyway, my total for the week is somewhere around 2000 words. Good job, Melinda. Thanks for alerting me to Holly’s blog. I was unaware she even had one. Thanks for the blurb for mine as well.

  2. Great words counts this week.

    I wrote about 3,000 words in non-fiction articles, a few thousand towards Arena 2 edits, and a couple hundred for a new short story. It’s hard for me to estimate my Arena 2 word count, since I’m adding and subtracting all over the place and often forget my starting point. I’m making progress, though. I guess that is what’s important.

    Also, thanks for linking my post!

  3. Great word counts!

    That’s really good news about the Troll! Too bad about any other one stars, but as a reader I tend to put very little weight in one-star reviews that don’t bother to make any comments.

    Still wanting to get more writing done, and it’s a struggle right now. I did manage a blog post yesterday (but really that will count for next week). So ugh.

  4. Sounds like a great week for everyone. I know I too don’t pay 1 star – no context reviews any mind. I always image these as a 10-year old spitting from a bridge down on traffic below. They think they are being so disruptive and cool, but people busy with their lives zooming by at 50 miles an hour don’t even notice.

    This week (and many future weeks) was still just edits for me, but I do have a sense of accomplishment as I pulled and rewrote a big section now with more character and foreshadowing. A have one transitional section to clean up in chapter 1 and I will finally get my five chapters out for review. I like to think I am doing actual needed edits, as opposed to busy work to avoid sending it out there for review. :-) I should get the two to three paragraphs done during the week, so I can send it off on the weekend.

    • LOL @spitting ten-year-olds!

      I hope your reviews go better this time. Do you use Critters? Finding a good review group on the internet is difficult. I hope they gave you helpful advice the first time even if it was painful.