Spark Check


Only 1100 words so far, but I knew the start of the week would be low. Sunday is a big writing day for me, and that was spent on a birthday. And Monday was spent recovering. But yesterday was super productive with editing. Hopefully today will be another productive day.

But I should probably not have as much caffiene today as I did yesterday. I think I went a little overboard celebrating National Coffee Day, which I didn’t even know was coming. I should’ve remembered from last year, but I didn’t.

I hope you’re week had a good start, and I’ll see you Friday!

4 thoughts on “Spark Check

  1. My word counts have been low but not gone entirely. Lots of stuff going on including a leaking aquarium and my mom and stepdad moving. Moving is a huge amount of work, and I wanted to help some. Really pushing for more words by the end of this week though! Only a couple hundred so far. Hoping to add 1000 by the end of the week even if they are 1000 crumby words.

    • That’s great that you’re helping with the move. I want to recarpet the living room and even thinking about moving the stuff out in one room makes me tired :) I hope you get your 1000 words in!

  2. Isn’t everyday National Coffee Day?

    Small count so far this week for me as well. I have been digesting some feedback. I need to rework a scene that wasn’t working and I haven’t come upon the solution yet. But just sitting here thinking about about it*, some ideas came to me that I can use to restart the scene. We will see.

    *Checking email and blogs is less pressure than sitting in my writing space trying to produce.

    • LOL National Coffee Day.

      Yes, cruising the internet is easier than facing rewrites. I’m going through all my edits now for my current novel, so I know the feeling well.