Spark Tally Saturday

I hope everyone had a busy week of writing. It’s been very quiet here at Enchanted Spark. It’s always weird to me when my pen name website gets more traffic than here.

I got 7000 words written: 4K to one story and 3k to another. I really need to finish one of them this week, but I have to get at least 3k of the other one done too.

Happy writing!

6 thoughts on “Spark Tally Saturday

  1. About 500 words, but it was a busy week. My edits are getting smaller with only a word here and there. I just went through a phase of doubt on my writing, but I am back to feeling very good about it (what is it with us neurotic writers). With that, I am ready to have others finally get a chance to look at it. I have 7 chapters lined up for beta readers, now I just have to convince myself it truly is ready for me to hit send.

  2. Sorry I’m late to the party and haven’t been as active online lately. I’m about six weeks away from handing in the sequel to my editor, so it’s crunch time. About 3500 new words for me, plus lots and lots of editing and proofing.