Spark Check!

My blog was mysteriously down this morning. Which means my word count for Spark Check is slightly higher than it would’ve been :)

I have 4000 words so far this week. That’s a huge deficit to recover if I want to get closer to 20K by the end of Friday.

Monday and Tuesday was spent formatting and publishing the first episode of my serial story. If you are considering going the indie route, invest in Jutoh. It formats your ebooks with a professional look and finish. I actually think my books hold up very well to professionally published books as far as the formatting goes.

But even with Jutoh, plan on a full day or two getting it done. If you are just planning on submitting to Amazon, it won’t take as long. But I did several distributors, and I wanted the call to action page to be customized for each distributor. For example, I wanted the links to all point to Smashwords for my other books for the Smashwords distribution and all the books on the Amazon one to point to Amazon, and so on.

As meticulous as I was, I forgot to put my bio page at the end. But I’m going to let it go for now. All the important links are on the CTA page.

How was your writing so far? Finishing up any projects?

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