Spark Tally Friday!


I finally had a 20,000 word week after a long summer of low word counts. I’m happy; I’m tired; I need to write more than 20k next week.

It should be an interesting week to say the least. My next novel under my pen name should already be done, and I don’t think I’m even half-way there yet. My first episode on my other blog is about to finish up, which means I will be out of pre-scheduled posts by Friday next week. I have yet to start episode two.

I need to make some choices. Pause the novel and do some more for the serial, or keep writing go, go, go on the novel. If I get 3000 words done on the serial, that’ll keep me for a week, but that is precious time away from the novel. Usually I don’t write two stories at once. I go until I hit the end or decide to put it away for a long time. Right now I’m often finding myself inserting the wrong hero’s name into my romance because I hit the pause on the serial to resume the novel. First world problems.

I’m optimistic though. I don’t anticipate a huge rewrite on the novel. There’s one area that’s not tense enough for my liking, but I don’t think changing it will change the rest of the book. I haven’t heard from Julie though, so we’ll see.

How did you guys do this week? I hope it was a good one!


11 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. Great word count, Melinda. I wrote over 1000 words. This coming week starts my change in shift so I’m hoping for more time to write.

  2. 20,000 is amazing! I’ll just sit here and be a little jealous. Great job!

    Over 1000 is great too, Shari!

    I actually got a lot of writing done this week, but I’m not sure what my word count is. I need to check. I got a lot of blogging done and work on a story too.

    I forget, on word counts do we count all words. Words for stories? Blogs and stories? My goal was for both this week and I’m pretty happy so far. Trying for more this weekend too.

    • Yeah, your blogging is hopping with posts! Well done! Count all words. I often end up just counting story words because I’m trying to hit publishing goals. My husband says I should count all words, and since I’m planning on blogging a lot more, I’ll probably start adding those in too.

      • OK, I think I wrote over 3,000 words this past week — some story and some blog. I had to guess word count on some of my blog posts because I started some of them a previous week.

        I’m pretty happy. It’s a lot better than I had been doing. I’m hoping I can hit 5,000 words for this coming week.

        Great job, Dave and Holly!

        Good luck with this week everybody!

  3. 20,000 is great! Congrats to Shari and Deb as well. A busy week for all.

    I spent yesterday in the library and ended up with about 5000 words on the week. I completely rewrote two chapters so I have more words than I typically do during editing. Next week’s count should be high for me as well since I will hit a chapter I initially skipped over for the most part during the first draft.

  4. Great word counts all around, but especially Melinda! 20k is incredible!

    I wrote about 4,000 new words, some editing, and some more plotting of future books.