Spark Tally Friday!

Soooo this is not the new Blog. This is an interim blog. I crashed my site four or five times this week while I was trying to make it shiny and new and decided this was enough for now.

School’s back in session which means renewed vim and vigor. Spending February-June trying to write really hard on a project I eventually trashed was a big blow to me. During those months I got nothing published and nothing ready to publish. But after reading Write. Publish. Repeat. I decided the real problem is I don’t work hard enough on anything. I could be doing more.

Last week I was able to pre-schedule 3 weeks of blogs on my pen name blog. It felt great. It’s something I’ve wanted to do with this blog for a long time but never have. The more amazing thing is the posts are going up five days a week over there. It’s a story I’m writing in serial. I know I’m going to get behind eventually, but right now I’m basking in the awsomeness of being ahead at something.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out a plan for this blog. I was getting the most traffic when I was running Photo Flare, but only about one percent of the traffic was entering every month. Between the low submissions and the fact that I hate sending out rejections, I’m not going to restart Photo Flare. I loved a lot of what I recieved and am proud of the winners, but the time and money and anguish make it something I don’t want to take on again.

So what do you want to see on this blog? What have you enjoyed over the years or wish I would do differently. Please post below so I can get a better idea of what I want to do with this blog.

Oh, and I wrote 1000 words this week.



8 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. Glad you got to blog somewhere anyway, Melinda. Hope you find your way through your regular blog. What I like most I guess are spark tally Friday, your recipes, helpful writing hints and the writing statistics. Actually, everything you blog on is interesting. Just don’t stop. I’ve been slipshod with my blog all summer. Summer hours and my daughter in Iowa have made it hard for me to post. But after this week, I will be back to second shift so I’ll have all morning to blog, and write and get stuff done every day, so…I hope to get back on track. Also, I wrote 1500 words this week and that was without blogging at all.

    • Thanks Shari! I’ve really appreciated your support these few years we’ve been publicly going about this writing business :) I’m glad you will be getting back to a regular writing and blogging schedule soon. Great word count!

      The recipes are hard for me to do because I’m just not creating as much in the kitchen these days. But I’ll remember you like that part and post if I come up with something good in the fall. Fall is my best cooking time.

  2. I figured something was up with the long delay in updating the site, just sorry it was such a headache.

    I am in the planning stages of establishing an online presence, but like you and many others, I don’t know where I will find the time.

    On this blog I enjoy the Spark Tally of course. I also enjoyed the writing analysis posts. Feeling like I am part of a literary community is important to me.

    This was a light week with about 1000 words, but I hope to finish a big chunk of my edits by the end of August.

    • Thanks for chiming in! I might do some posts on the few things I’ve learned about online presence. I’m learning more all the time and am less oblivious than I was when I started blogging.

      Good to hear you got some words down. Good luck with your edits!

  3. Like the new look of the site!

    I’ve written quite a bit the last two weeks, but (as lame as this sounds) I really can’t remember my starting point. My best guess is 13,000 words, lots of editing, plus some plotting of other books.

  4. I forgot to include what I enjoy on the blog! Spark Tally, of course. After that, I enjoyed the “actual writing advice” series of posts the most. Not only were they helpful, but also encouraged others to offer what they’ve learned through the years.