Spark Tally

I got about 4000 words written this week. I kind of hopped around stories, so it wasn’t as productive as when I’m focussed.

The good news is ¬†Rapunzel: Stay at Home Mom made it all the way to #32 in Short Reads! It’s still free today if you haven’t read it and want to give it a try.

I know some people out there have more exciting news than I do, but I’ll leave it to them t speak up :)

Happy writing!

13 thoughts on “Spark Tally

  1. Congrats to Melinda and Hollly on their book news. Thanks for the lead in Melinda, but yes I finished my novel this week and can join their ranks as an author. First draft sits at 85,000 words. Woo-hoo!

    I joined here 11 months ago right after seeing Melinda at Bubonicon. I was working on a bloated Epic that I shelved in October for the current project. After a month of research and outlining, I wrote it in about 8 months. So about 11,000 words a month that I dutifully logged here. I got to say having a little corner of the internet cheering on my progress was a big incentive to keep my butt in the chair. So thank you Melinda and the other Enchanted Writers.

    I played at writing for years but never took in too serious. But setting up a daily routine (including weekly checkins) has me on a jogger’s high where I am thinking about writing all the time now.

    So now on to the revisions, but I always found them easier than writing (knock on wood) as a word on the page is worth 10 in my head. I told myself I was going to take the weekend off as a treat, but I found revising my conclusion to be much more rewarding.

  2. I did finally start writing again this week, but I got nowhere the amount of words you guys got. I’m lucky if I made 500 this week. It’s been slow for me. Congrats to everyone else, though. Enjoy the thrilling ride.