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Here’s an excerpt from when she arrives at Sleeping Beauty’s Day Spa:

The forest opened up to a cottage, not a peasant cottage but a multi-story royal cottage with at least ten rooms on each floor, and a servant at the front door. Above the door was a large sign that depicted a sleeping princess followed by scissors and then a candle dripping wax. Rapunzel shivered at the wax. This had to be it.

A pair of birds landed on her shoulders and chirped a melody as she pulled the scroll from her pocket. The servant gave her a once-over and wrinkled his nose, but he opened the door, and she walked in.

Several ladies-in-waiting sat in chairs reading outdated copies of Palace. The birds flew from her shoulders to trellises covered with roses. The servant scooped up the hair Rapunzel had undone to capture the gingerbread man and dumped it at her feet with a bow, closing the door behind her.

A girl not much older than fifteen ran up. “OMG! It’s Rapunzel! Look ladies! I told you her prince was here. He’s soooo handsome. I’ll take that voucher and lead you to the baths. I’m Imogene. Of course Sleeping Beauty will be attending you personally. Ew, is that wolf slobber? I thought the huntsman came through recently. But didn’t you come in a carriage? Did the prince slobber on you? I knew he was a wolf at heart. Oh don’t worry. We’re all girls here. No one will tell.”

Rapunzel glanced warily at the other customers, sure the prince’s fictional exploits in the carriage would be in next month’s Palace.

Imogene led her to a private room with a large tub surrounded by candles and flower petals. Two servants undressed Rapunzel as Imogene commented, “Oh yes, I see what Magnus was talking about—”

Rapunzel turned rose red. “Magnus? Exactly how close did you get to my prince when he purchased my treatment?”

The girl bowed and backed up. “I’m so sorry, he was very formal. That’s just what we call him when we chat amongst ourselves: Magnus, Albert—it doesn’t mean anything.”


The book includes four illustrations by Kevin Yancey plus the cover.

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