My schedule seems too unpredictable and full to set a word count goal. I had two home improvement projects last week that took a lot more time than I thought they would. One of them I did and the other my son did, but he needed help getting a part that didn’t exist.

Sadly, I’m putting the story away I’ve been working so hard on. Definitely not a great feeling, but it’s time to cut my losses.

I have more things to look forward to this summer so I’ll be enjoying those. I wish my writing career would fall in line with the rest of the good things in my life.

Good luck to all of you out there finishing up projects. I hope they go well and come out like you planned them!


6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Sorry about your story. Hopefully after it simmers awhile on the back burner, you will think of a way past your conundrum. I know you mentioned already having a new shiny story idea, so I know you will hit the ground writing. Good luck with that!

    Still writing furiously. I have a Saturday deadline and a chapter and a half to go. Next week I will hopefully post with the good news of my novel’s completion

  2. Hopefully things will turn around again, Melinda. These things go in phases. I’m having a hard summer also. My daughter’s move to Iowa coupled with day time hours at work is making it hard for me to write. I really only have two open days a week, and then there’s stuff to do at the house, shopping for groceries, etc. Very hard to write. Hoping to squeeze some time in today.

    • Hey Shari, it’s been awhile. I hope your writing time works out and that your daughter is enjoying her next phase of life!