Spark Tally Friday

I made a career changing decision this week. I’m not prepared to discuss the details of it, but I’ve been a bundle of fears, nerves, pessimism and optimism. Fortunately, I have friends and family who keep me on the optimistic side of things.

I’ve been doing a lot of businessy things this week. I told David that my business brain seems to eat my creative brain, and he said flat out that I couldn’t allow that to happen. So I sat down today and finally got 1000 words written. I feel particularly good about them because I haven’t had any new story ideas all week, and I really need new story ideas. I’ve already fallen in love with the pair of main characters, so things are looking up on the creative front.

I’ve joined twitter! I’m @melindajmoore. Please follow me if you’re on twitter too!

I’ve got another great week lined up next week with David L. Summers guest blogging on Wednesday. Thanks for all the comments this week and keep them coming!

How was your writing? I hope you were inspired!

8 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday

  1. Color me intrigued. I look forward to hearing more, but congratulations on coming upon such a big decision.

    Another week of research and outlining, but I am primed for a big week next week. Only 500 this week, but if I can get out what is in my head this weekend, I will more than make up for the slow week.

  2. I made my goal of 2500 words. Next week I am shooting for 3000. I have a rewrite to write and a new story idea for another magazine I’ve submitted to before and never got in despite being told by them in reply from my first submission that my story was good but they had too many others like it. Ever after, I never got a personal reply from them. So, it’s been discouraging. Good luck, Melinda. Hope it’s a good week for you and everybody else writing wise as well as all that is going on in your lives.

  3. Ugh, I failed miserably at my 10,000 word goal. I wrote 1,000 words toward my sci-fi sequel, 2,500 toward my fantasy novel, and 1,000 on some non-fiction articles for a total of 4,500 words. On the bright side, I was featured on two different blogs this week (thanks again, Melinda!), got my author headshots back from the photographer, and started redesigning my website. I’m trying to make it look more professional (this ate up a lot of my writing time — damn CSS code).

    This week, I’m going to drop my goal back to 5,000. Best of luck to everyone! I’m excited to see this new direction, Melinda. Keep us posted!