Spark Tally Friday!

Ending a big project always brings the blues after the glow of accomplishment dies. Mine comes in two forms. Firstly, I do a diatribe: “Why did I waste my time on the book. No one is going to read it even if it does get published.” And for this particular project, I’m pretty sure it won’t get published this year because it’s a Halloween themed book. The second phase is, “What the Hell do I do now?”

I think my brain has mostly readjusted. I’m prepared for the email saying, “Too late newb.” Ok, my publisher would never put it that way :) And I have sat down and written out a writing schedule so all projects get some time during the day. I have vowed to do this for a long time, but I actually did it this time. I even stuck to it for the first two days which was Thursday and today. I’m still floundering on what stories to focus on. I started a new flash fiction, filled in another paragraph for a different short story and started another novel that I fear will be scrapped soon in favor of one of my numerous old novels that need to be rewritten from beginning to end.

The blog is getting renewed attention. I have two guest bloggers scheduled for this month: David Lee Summers and our very own Holly Jennings! I’m also scheduling photo prompts every Tuesday, and I’m hoping to ressurect A Writer Reviews. Monday’s blog will be about outlining vs. no outlining. I’m hoping for a good discussion since there were murmurs about it in Spark Tally a few weeks ago.

My word count this week was 1300, most of it written today. I want to get back up to 10,000 soon because I think it’s important to keep at a high goal now that I’ve reached beyond it. How did everyone else do?

6 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. I’m happy to report that I wrote 2300 words this week, so I made my goal. I wrote every day for four days straight. Now that I proved to myself that I can do it again, I’m going to try for 2500 next week. I want to get back up to my original 3000 word goal. My eternal winter story is now over 8000 words. I still don’t know the end, which is usually a negative with writing, and something I never do. I’m used to having things all mapped out in my mind. We’ll see where this goes. I’m so excited that Holly is going to guest blog. Can’t wait to read what she has to say.

  2. Congrats on making your goal, Shari!

    This week I wrote 2500 towards my fantasy book, 1000 towards a sequel for my sci-fi book, and 1200 towards a non-fiction article for a total of 4700 words, just shy of my 5000 word goal.

    I feel like I need to step things up a bit, so I think I’ll try for 10,000 words like Melinda.

  3. Wow. A lot of productivity this week so far from the group. Way to go. I wrote 3000 words which surprised me as I am still outlining and researching, but I am hoping it is a sign of things to come. I have characters and plot, but I spent a bit of time plotting theme and am very happy with the results.