AEIOU and Sometimes Why? The Summer Months

As you know, I went on a long vacation, got sick for a long time, and spent the last month of summer writing a novel. This was not conducive to keeping up with my short story writing and submitting. I still had stories out there, but I didn’t resubmit any once they were returned until last night. I’m also starting a new regime of submitting to agents and will note the agent submissions separately from the publisher ones.

Submissions: 13 (6 of which were sent last night)
Rejections: 12 (one personal)
Acceptance: 1
Publication: 1
Longest Wait: 289 days. I think I might declare this one as lost. I never heard after a query.
Agent Queries: 2
Stories completed: 2 novels!!

Realizing that I completed two novels this summer is a great feeling. I’m spending time reorganizing my schedule in the hopes that I’ll be more productive and stay on top of the blog, short stories, novels and promoting. Some days it seems like too much.

3 thoughts on “AEIOU and Sometimes Why? The Summer Months

  1. Two novels is amazing, Melinda. I’m sure heading that way after having quite a few short story publications is the way to go. After all, writers want to be book writers, not eternal short story writers. Good luck with the agent queries and with the books. Good thoughts coming your way.