Spark Tally!

Wow! 19 comments for Spark Tally Friday last week! Thanks for all the contributions to the conversation!

After posting about Deadlines on Monday, I did not meet my daily word count goal at all. It bummed me out because this thing is due soon and it’s not near enough to the end. I console myself that all the rewriting is going to pay-off, but in a time crunch, I get impatient.

I did write 17,000words ┬áthis week. Far short of what I need, but still good. Today, I had the kind of writing day I wanted all week. Maybe that means I have the first half finally set just right and everything will fall into place now. Ha! It’s a nice thought at least.

How did everyone else do? I’m looking forward to more comments!



12 thoughts on “Spark Tally!

  1. I did not really write any new words this week. I did edit three stories for submission, and it took my time doing that, plus I was on vacation for half of the week so I did not write those days at all. Our family took a trip to Baltimore’s beautiful inner harbor. I just loved it. Very relaxing. And I submitted two stories this week so I’m happy that I’m back on track with my submission goal.

  2. 17,000 for the week is still impressive Melinda, and yay Shari for the submissions. back into a groove. Got 2500 words down.

    Julie asked last week how I keep stuff straight on a big project. So far I use two things, A story bible, my notebook full of scribbles and notes, but then I transcribe those into a word doc with pages for characters and plot points. I have thought on this story for a while before I actually committed to getting it all down in a systematic fashion. To help with this, I also transcribed my outline into a color-coded spreadsheet. Characters across the top and chapters down the side. I track POV and which characters are present in each chapter. I fill in each charter’s story arc in cells going downward, then move them downward through the chapters as needed. Since I have multiple POV it works great to visualize that I am spreading the story enough between characters.

    One thing I am still struggling with is how much outlining do I want to do. I have a rough outline for my book and I wrote the first chapter in a single sitting. But then I heavily outlined the next four chapters with plans to fill them in later. But I found myself regretting leaving out details (and just the enjoyment of writing the details) as I worked on subsequent chapters and found the process very boring for the story. I have always been a pantser but thought since I am starting to take this writing seriously, that outlining is the thing I haven’t been doing that I should to move forward. Well, for a week or two I am going to embrace the joy of discovery again, because as I think back on the pieces of work that I shared in the past that I was most proud off, it was stuff that just spilled from my mind. THAT plus the new effort at weekly word counts and I will see where my writing takes me.

    • I must thank you for giving me my idea for the Monday Blog even though I never got the Monday blog up. So look for it this coming Monday about outlining or not and other ways to write.

      Good word count too!

  3. That’s a fantastic word count, Melinda! Even if you didn’t meet your goal, it’s impressive. Hopefully, that keeps the stream of words flowing! Did I read that this was a project using a pen name?

    Congrats and good luck on submissions, Shari!

    I am curious about longer works. I’m pretty well attached to shorter stories. Part of the reason is time constraints. But I’m also not sure how to take it longer. I think I just need to do it and not worry.

    I wrote about 2,500 words this week. Not what I’d hoped for. Zombie Camp was a blast for my daughter, but I didn’t get as much writing done as I wanted while she was there. I did do some though. And I feel a lot more rested than I did last week. I’m trying to work on a story that I want to take longer as well as get back into making regular blog posts.

    Has anybody ever used Story Skeleton for organizing larger works? I tried the ap with a shorter story, but I’m not sure that’s really where its strength lies.

    Hi Dave! A story bible sounds cool. I’m not much of a paper person for writing at this point. So that’s part of why I took a look at Story Skeleton.

    I definitely like weekly word counts since I feel like I’m much better off if I write even when I don’t especially feel like it. Trying to meet a goal like that is a way of keeping going. Just doing it at all is a good thing for me.

    • I initially worked up some ideas on actual notecards, but as you can imagine that became burdensome, but useful. If story skeleton performs a similar function I imagine it could be nice for outlining. I write using Scrivener, and although I have not yet plumbed all its functionality, it does have a notecard feature. Each notecard could be a chapter, section or even paragraph. It is a simple function to drag and drop them in sequential order or rearrange them at any time.

      But I still love my notebook for not just its notes, but maps, doodles, and odd thoughts. I am a very spatial/graphic thinker. My Mythos is built on a mandala that I create and recreate. It looks like the scribblings of a madman to my wife, but I see it like a Pythagorean diagram of hidden truth. All very hard to translate into a digital file.

      • Like Dave I use Scrivener for keeping track and organizing story. I’m learning to use a program called Aeon Timeline, which syncs with Scrivener to keep track of events, and an app called Index Card which runs on iOS and can share *some* data with Scrivener. I haven’t played with Story Skeleton yet, but thanks for the tip.

    • Nice word count! Yes, this is a pen name project. Is school starting soon? My kids are all back now :)

  4. Amazing word count Melinda!

    This week I finished the revisions to my sci-fi novel. Again, not much of a word count but a lot of time went into edits and proofreading. I also sent out three query letters. I plan on sending out more letters in the coming week and working on my fantasy prequel, but a potential sequel to this sci-fi novel is nagging at the back of my mind. We’ll see which wins out through the week.

    • So which one won out?

      After cleansing my pallet with this contemporary story, I’m anxious to get back to Sci-fi or fantasy. I’m leaning towards sci-fi since Julie’s my main reader and is probably sick of all the current crap :)