Spark Tally Friday

My apologies for missing the Monday Blog. I was a nanny this week, and I remember now why I never blogged when I was always a nanny.

I also owe you an update about the last Photo Flare contest. Instead of declaring a winner, I bought three stories. I’ll be publishing those over the course of next week. Thanks to those of you who entered!

Although I fell short of my 20,000 word goal, I did manage to get 15,000 words written. Tomorrow I have a huge chunk of writing time, so maybe I have a chance to make up the 5000 and start on next week’s goal. I did do a fair amount of revising as well, which I think ate up that time for the last 5000 words.

I feel a bit like I’m doing a major school project the night before it’s due. I often did my best work then, but some projects are too big for the night before.

How did everyone else do? I hope it was a productive week for all!

19 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday

  1. Wow, Melinda. What a impressive word count. You put me to shame. I only managed to write about 750 words. However, I started on a new dragon story. So I’m excited to have a new project to work on. I started on a story this past winter about a nuclear winter and now it’s the end of summer and I still haven’t finished it. I got halfway through and didn’t know what to do with it. Hopefully, I’ll get some fresh ideas before this winter.

    • I have so many stories like your nuclear winter one (not the plot but the unfinished part). I finished one at the beginning of the summer that had been languishing as a few written chapters for over a year. It felt great to get it done.

      And, of course, I’m excited about your dragon story :)

      • Me too! I think I have more stories in various stages of started than finished ones. I still hope to finish some of them.

  2. I was a nanny for 7 years and wrote my first published magazine story (Highlights High Five) and my first picture book (due out this fall) during the child’s nap time. From time to time I miss that career as it gave me such inspiration.

    • We spend so much time at our jobs that it’s great you had one that inspired your writing. Is your writing inspired by your new career now, or are you finding your inspiration elsewhere?

      • Hi Julie,
        My career now definitely helps inspire my writing as I meet new people daily. I’m always inspired to write, just more tired now, really have to push to fit it in my day. I believe there is inspiration everyday in life to write. There is always a story to tell.

    • When my son was first born, I wrote a lot of children’s stories because that’s what I was reading. Even though I don’t write them anymore, I’m still inspired by my kids personalities from those early years. There’s nothing that beats that unhindered emotion.

  3. Amazing word count Melinda! Kick butt!

    I’m not sure of my word count this week. I’m doing another round of edits on my sci-fi novel. I think I spent more time on it this week than I ever have, but I cut as much as I added so my word count is nil. I don’t feel defeated at all, however, because I feel like the story is much stronger now. I’ll still have another week or so until I’m finished making some changes, and then I’ll head back to querying.

    • Sounds like you worked hard on your story. Of course I hope you enter another twitter contest for our enjoyment as we watch you rise in the ranks :)

  4. Hey Melinda and hello to her fellow Talliers. That was a great count this week Melinda, regardless. This was not a great week for me to be starting the tally, as work kind of blow up on me this week and Bubonicon ate into my best writing day. But every little bit helps. 400 words this week brings me up to about 10,000 in my current project. I would like to shoot for 2000 a week as that would ensure I hit 100,000 within a year. It is a mythological mashup of alternative history/epic fantasy. I love the concept and the characters, now I just need to love the words. I am at the library on a beautiful Saturday, so its a good start to the writing week.

    • 100,000 words seems overwhelming, so breaking it down to 2,000 a week makes it much more approachable. I’d be interested to hear how you or the other writers keep track of storylines and story arcs for projects of that size.

    • Hey Dave! So glad you joined us! I find there’s never a great time to start something new: I have to just do it. As you see, everyone here has different word counts. The important part is to keep writing as a regular habit so you’re always making progress.

      It was a beautiful Saturday here, too. We even had a shower blow in. I must admit to feeling like I’m affecting the weather with my story 😀 I’m writing around Halloween and there have been two days this week where the temperature has plummeted. So unusual for August which I always think of as the hottest month of summer.

  5. Melinda, that’s an amazing word count! Nice job!

    My word count is small this week. I tried to make it count though! I’m not sure how to count revisions, but there was definitely some of that. So I think I’m under 2,000 words, but over 1,000. Really, I’m very happy to have something!

    The past week was the last of five weeks of “chauffeur” duty on my lunch hour. My daughter had some half-day camps so I had to pick her up from one camp and either drop her off at another or drive her home. It ate up mobile writing time and energy. This coming week she’ll have no day camp, just an evening camp called “Zombie Ranger Camp.” She loved it last year. After work, I’ll have to drive her there and take her home again, but for several of the days I’m planning to stay near the camp and write. Hoping to make that work!

    • I hope the Zombie Ranger Camp provides your writing inspiration while you’re there. That could make for a fun story.

        • Yeah, there are all kinds of cool things about Zombie Camp. I wish they had one for adults except that would probably be more scary, so maybe I’d just like to join the one for kids. It’s a little bit nature camp, with nocturnal critters of the forest, and a little bit zombie apocalypse survival.

          So far sitting in a Panera bread off-hours seemed to work ok for letting some words flow. I’ll try that again.

  6. Wow Melinda! Impressive word count.

    I had a very crazy week,so I was shocked when I stopped writing tonight and had added 17 words shy of 4,000. I also did some revising, so I’m very happy with my progress. Those Tristan chapters are just too easy to write and flow out of me. I’m loving adding in his POV.

    I expect to get less done in the coming week. Robin’s coming to California and staying the night tomorrow. So the day I usually do most of my writing will be spent with her.

    Good luck on meeting your deadline!

  7. Tell Robin hello! Your word counts have been steadily high this summer. You must be close to finishing that book. I’m glad that the Tristan chapters are going so well for you. Have a fun visit!