Final Photo Writing Contest

July’s contest is strictly a flash fiction contest for a $10 prize. Pick one of these gorgeous pictures and write a story using it in under 1000 words. Everyone can enter whether you’ve won previous contests or not.

This is the last photo writing contest on Enchanted Spark. We’ve really enjoyed picking winners and publishing previously unread authors and a few authors with quite a long list of publications already. I’m really proud of the winning stories and also the stories that didn’t win here but went on to be published at other venues. Unfortunately, the contests never caught on like I hoped. Opening the inbox to find very few entries each month has been a source of depression for me, especially with newer blogs on the market who seem to be pulling in lots of submissions every week for their publications.

Many thanks to those of you who have entered during the past year and a half. I hope you found the pictures inspiring and a spark to your imagination. I’ll keep the winning stories up until December, and then I’ll remove them in my redesign of the site.

Tomorrow I’ll publish the winner of last month’s Photo Flash. In the meantime, please read Nolan Archer’s winning Photo Flare story The Performance.

Here are the pictures for July. We’ll give you until midnight on July 31st MST to get your stories in.

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