Spark Tally Friday!

A big zero for me this week. Also, I probably won’t have a blog up on Monday, but hopefully things will get back to normalish by next Friday. I also realize I never did an AEIOU for May, but that will resume in the middle of June as well.

Even though I’m not currently writing, I’m looking forward to hearing how everyone else is doing. I really enjoyed reading last week’s comments in Spark Tally. I hope everyone was much more productive than me!



4 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. Hope everything’s going ok for you Melinda!

    I’m proud to say my word count is close to zero this week…. because I got into the agent round of that query contest!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH.

    As part of the contest, you need to review and critique other people’s work so this is where a good chunk of my writing time went. From the feedback I received, I revised my query paragraphs (AGAIN) and tweaked my first 250 words (which they use as a writing sample). I’ve resubmitted my revisions for the next round (AGENT ROUND).

    Here’s the bittersweet part. The remaining rounds are done in secret. All entries are voted on by agents and published authors and half are cut every time. But you won’t know the results, including agent requests, until you’re out for good. It goes on until July. Sound nauseating? It is.

    Now I need something to distract myself in the meantime. Oh, there you are fantasy prequel. *big squeeze* I missed you.

  2. Wow, Holly, that sounds exciting and definitely nauseating! Best of luck!

    I wrote around 1,600 words. I’m not sure about the exact count since the words were spread out across different projects, and I’m too tired to do the math. I’m attempting A Daily Post’s Writing 101 assignments, so I’m trying to write every day. I’m only committing to 10 uninterrupted minutes a day because any more than that is just not realistic. Though there are days I have spent more time writing, and I spent considerably longer on a 100-word story. As I commented last week, I feel like I need to get the words flowing, so this daily exercise is pretty cool that way and it seemed like a good fit for what I want to work on. I am worried that it will pull too much time from other things, but hopefully the exercises will be helpful in the long run.

  3. The Graduation and party after was a success. I made way, way too much food. We’ll be eating leftovers all weekend, but you can never have too much Carne Asada.

    Surprisingly I managed to do almost doulble what I’d set as my goal. A little more than 3,600 words. About half of that was copied and pasted from the last draft, but I rewrote it as I went, so I’m going to count it. I feel really good about where I’m at and how the story is taking shape. It’s so much tighter this round and best of all I’m meeting those plot point guidelines..

    Sorry you’re at a zero for the week. I hope it’s because you were having too much summer fun. I wish you luck on squeezing in some time next week..

  4. Good lucky, Holly! As Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part.

    Deb, I think it’s great that you’re committing to writing time every day. Even if it’s only 10 minutes, you’re making writing a habit and a priority. Some day you’ll have to tell us what you want to work on.

    Glad things are going well, Tina. Send some of that carne asada my way.

    I also had no word count for last week. The summer is a slow time for me. I guess most people are enjoying the summer fun.