Spark Tally…Saturday!

Hey, look, it’s Saturday! At like 2:22 am. Sorry this is late, but I have been working hard. I had 14000 words at the start of the week to get my story up to novel length and I did it! I have finished a novel and it’s at 50,100 words. Which means I wrote over 14,000 words this week. I revised the story twice during this time, so I know I wrote more than the 14,000.

Why the push to get it done now? Because now my kids are out of school for the summer.

At the very beginning of the week, I wasn’t sure I was going to make it. I’ve spent pretty much two months on this story and little else which comes with many highs and lows. At my son’s Eagle Ceremony a few weeks ago, the running joke was how many times he declared he quit before he attained Eagle rank. The scout master counted 22 times, but I know it was more because the scout master didn’t hear all the times at home.

When I quit writing, I never tell anybody about it. I just shut down my lap top completely. With my old laptop, this was more dramatic because I couldn’t close it unless I turned it off, so my laptop was always open–unless I quit.

My new laptop is closed all the time when I’m not working, but still, when I got sick of my writing, I told myself I quit, shut it completely down and closed the lid. This did not even last the rest of the day. I was back at it later that night. There’s something about that act of defiance to myself that I need. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes I need to clap my hands together, show my palms up and say “I’m out” like a blackjack dealer going off shift.

Do you guys have times when you need to quit as a sort of reboot? How did writng go this week?

9 thoughts on “Spark Tally…Saturday!

  1. Many times I tell myself I should quit; that there’s no future for me in it, but isn’t “this” a future? I don’t know my word count this week, Melinda. I wrote some “more” to two stories. I was thankful for any time I had to write, because I worked a lot and because of something I call an “upset” happening this week. I wish you success with your book.

    • Sorry about the upset Shari :( I hope the next week is much better for you. The picture you posted on your blog is one of my favorites by your husband.

  2. Nice job, Melinda! Awesome even!

    There are often times I feel like I need to quit and have a reboot, but not just writing. Sometimes I just need a little break and fresh perspective on things — large and small. So the break can be a few minutes or days and weeks. And I often stop writing, but not necessarily because I’m doing it to reboot. Sometimes there just isn’t time for more than a small handful of words. Even when there is, I really have to put forth effort to make the time to get any kind of quantity to happen. This week was around 1,000 words. I’ll take it. I don’t usually think about quitting writing altogether, but mostly because my main goals in writing are to write because I like it. Hopefully, the result will be a story or paragraph I’m pleased with. If something goes beyond that, I’m extra happy. (I need to put forth more effort taking it further though.)

    Shari, don’t stop!

    • That’s double what you did last week, Deb! Way to go!

      I take breaks too, but those are different than my internal “I quit!” moments. Those moments usually come after a slew of hard rejections or when I’m working on a story and I suddenly forsee no publishing future in it. Perhaps my family is just prone to dramatics more so than other people :)

  3. Way to go Melinda! You must be so happy, and you should be! What an accomplishment!!

    Minimal word count for me this week. Maybe a few hundred toward my fantasy prequel. I entered another query contest and tweaked my summary paragraphs until I broke my brain.

    Sidenote: loving these contests, whether I get in or not. They really push me further than I thought I could go.

  4. Wow, Melinda. I had to do a double take on the word count to make sure I hadn’t added a 0. That’s an amazing amount of words to write in one week, especially if you kept “quitting”. Great Job!

    I never choose to take a break and they always seem to last longer than I intend. Like this time I spent an extra two weeks getting over a head and chest cold. But I always feel recharged and so many ideas come to me, especially those areas where I’m really unsure as to what comes next, while on these long breaks. It seems to benefit me a lot more than trying to force the story out when I’m exhausted and so I don’t beat myself up for it like I used to.

    I wrote around 2,000 words, deleted around a 1,000 of a new chapter and decided to do something completely different and ended up finishing at around 3,200 for the week, plus I did an extensive edit on a chapter and a half, that had been critiqued, but I hadn’t had time to fix.

    I hope with the extra day off to get 5,000 written this week.