Spark Tally Friday

I got a good review for A Sunset Finish! You can read it at Dab of Darkness. She’s a fellow New Mexican, so I really appreciated her taking the time to read it and comment on it.

7000ish words for me again. However, I changed 5000 words from first person present to third person past. That was a lot of work and not included in the word count.

I started off finishing a short story and diving right into another one, but that one proved to be tricky, and I couldn’t help but thinking futile. 2500 words and one rewrite into that one, I set it aside for an old story. The first person present story. I had been trying to be clever with it, but it seemed really forced to me. I still like the idea of it, and thought it was worth changing. It’s not even speculative. I suppose it’s still genre because it’s a romance.

I have too many unfinished stories. The current one started as an idea I hd for a scene. After I saw the movie “Up in the Air” I thought George Clooney’s job would be perfect for the love interest. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack all week. I’ll leave you with the title song which is how I feel about all my unfinished manuscripts:

Up in the Air.

4 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday

  1. I finally made my goal this week. Yay! I wrote a new children’s story and a grown-up flash story, too. I also got word of an acceptance from a place that never sends out rejection/acceptance letters. You just wait and see if your story/article is in it from month to month. So I feel honored that she chose to send me an email letting me know she liked it. The story will also include one of my daughter’s paintings as an illustration, so talent runs in the family.

  2. @Melinda: Amazing word count, and congrats on your review. I read it. Very flattering. You should be proud!

    @Shari: Congrats on breaking your goal this week and on your acceptance. That sounds so exciting that the editor emailed you outside the norm. I’m not surprised though. You’re very talented.

    My word count is around 2,000. Mostly editing and polishing. It was a quiet week besides that. Nothing else to report.

  3. Congrats on the review. I read it also. How cool that she really liked it and gave it a good review. A Sunset Finish has always been one of my favorite stories. I’m proud to own a copy.

    I didn’t meet my goal this week. If I remember correctly I set it at 4,000. I came close at around 3,300 words. I reworked the last new chapter I’d written and added around 1,400 words. Almost all IM and it’s much stronger now. Then I started the next chapter. At 1,900 that brought me up to 3,300.

    Don’t know what I’ll get done this week. Daughter’s prom is next Saturday and my oldest son and grandaughter come in for a two week visit the same day. Don’t be surprised if I’m MIA for the next three weeks.

    Have a Happy Easter!