Spark Tally Friday!

Hooray! The week is OVER! February is OVER!

Suffice it to say tonsil removal plus stomach flu plus stir crazy mom is not a good combination. So I will say it again:

Hooray! The week is over!

The winners of Photo Flare and Photo Flash have been picked, and Julie is hard at work on the edits. I will post the stories next week on separate days when everyone is happy with the final product. Monday, the new pictures for Photo Flare will go up. I’ll post four pics and you get to choose two for your story.

My word count reached 1200 this week. I feel like I need to turn in weeks of 20K next month to make-up for what happened this month. I at least plan on pushing myself.

Because I’m so relieved that my children are on the mend and looking forward to a happier, healthier March, I’ll give away $5 gift cards to Starbucks to the first five people who post their word counts for the week. I need some inspiration :)

7 thoughts on “Spark Tally Friday!

  1. Well, Id planned on writing more tonight and then posting my word count, but I can’t pass up a free SB gift card. I guess I’ll just include what I do tonight in next weeks word count.

    That being said, other than some editing on new chapters, I added close to another 800 words to my outline. I hate doing it, but I find if I work on a little at a time, I can do it. I need a road map this time. That makes my final word count at around 4,800, 1200 shy of my goal. Hopefully I’ll get at least half of that made up tonight.

    I’m sorry you’re having such a difficult time. I hope March brings blue skies, healthy children and sanity to everyone. I’m glad the kids are healthy again. That alone will lighten your load.

  2. Sorry about all your woes, Melinda.
    I had an incredibly productive week, averaging about 1000 a day (I even worked on Sunday – started revising an old WIP and got inspired.)

  3. February has been difficult for me. My week doesn’t technically end until the end of tonight…but I’m going to go ahead and post my word count now. 146. Ugh! Not very inspirational. 😉 But here’s to a better March, for both of us!

  4. Sorry Melinda, you’ll get no inspiration from me. The only time I put fingers to keyboard was to finish a flash story I started on paper a few weeks ago. I didn’t add more than about 500 words to that. I must admit I’m letting people get me down lately where writing is concerned. I received a scathing review of one of my stories. I wanted to quit writing forever. But then I decided, am I writing for them or writing for me? I believe in myself. I’m going to hold to it.

  5. My word count is week is about 3,000. I did some editing and workshops on pitching/querying so most of my time went towards that instead of writing new material.

    Here’s hoping we all have a happy and productive March!

  6. @ Tina, Kathy and Holly: Great word counts! Keep it up!

    @Shari and Brynn: We’ll get those words pumping this week. I’m starting out low with only 300 on Sunday, but I’m excited about the story those words started.

    @Everyone: Thanks so much for posting! I’ll get the Starbucks cards out after I post the Photo Flare pictures for the month.

  7. @Shari (and really everyone because everyone sometimes get bad reviews): Don’t let the bad reviews get you down. You have to put yourself out there in a creative field such as writing, so the scathing remarks really hurt because they feel so personal. Take what’s helpful to you from the commentary and ignore the rest. Just because one person doesn’t like your work doesn’t mean others won’t; that’s why they make strawberry and chocolate ice cream (though I can’t figure out any reason for vanilla ice cream).